Benevald Blueprints question

For the list of blueprints that Benevald sells, is he the only source for them or can they be gotten elsewhere?


That’s a relief. Thank you!

depending on your build capability you have several avenues to obtain those relatively easy/quick
SR 75-76 (even on Normal is good for blueprints, and super easy clear)
iron maiden/zantarin nemesis world farm
monster totems
skeleton key dungeons
treasure troves

Ooh, awesome! Thanks so much for the information, that’s super helpful!

My inner completion-ist wants to hoard all the blueprints I can get my hands on, and Benevald was being stingy (not to mention boring)

I wasn’t sure if I was stuck with him or if I could just go do more productive farming.

Benevald just provides an easier way of obtaining those blueprints.
As for Skeleton Key blueprint sold by him - it can be obtained as a quest reward.

Thank you!