Beronath Reforged conversion question

I’ll give an example of my question…

You have Beronath Reforged equipped, and say for example you are wearing Shard of the Eternal Flame.

Beronath converts 100% elemental damage to physical, and the Shard adds 660 burn damage to forcewave, which would be trauma, but it also says it converts 100% physical to fire damage…

What exactly is the outcome of that? Does one overwrite the other, or is it split in some way?


There’s no conflict - you have 660 Burn and only one Fire / Elemental conversion so it’s converted to Physical.
Also “No matter where the Conversion occurs though, it is only applied once.” so it’s stays Trauma.

Thanks. I THINK I understand that then.

So, say you have forcewave and internal trauma, which adds flat trauma damage. Would the shard convert all of the physical from that to fire(burn)?

So you would be adding the shards burn damage as trauma, and the original trauma damage from forcewave to burn damage?

Yes although there are exceptions to that: Secondary Skill Modifiers


what happens is, any base phys you have, like the entire Forcewave line, becomes fire dmg from the necklace
any fire base, like the burn on necklace, becomes phys
resulting in weird mix 2 dmg types, - also worth to note the fire->phys on necklace takes priority over shard of beronath conversion, (since amulet is transmuter level and beronath is global), so any base phys dmg, 12 flat on a ring or devotion etc will always become fire to forcewave