Beronath, Reforged thread

Hey there.
I need a clarification on Beronath, Reforged sword. About conversion.

How does it interact with elemental rr? Does rr apply after conversion or before it? In other words, do i need to get some physical resist reduction instead of elemental or they work both all along?

2nd question: for example i have 100 elemental damage and a piece of equipment with +100% to Phys. damage and +100% to Elemental damage.
What is the sequence of bonuses application?
a - 100 elemental damage amplified with +100% to e.damage = 200 elemental damage.
Then it is converted into physical damage with Beronath = 600 phys. damage.
Then it gets bonuses from +100% to Phys. damage = 1200 phys.damage

b - 100 elemental damage converted into phys.damage with Beronath = 300 phys damage and then it gets bonus from +100% to Phys.damage = 600 phys.damage avoiding +100% to elemental damage.

the damage is converted before anything else happens. So, if you have 100 elemental damage then it would get converted to 100 phys dmg then get modified by your phys dmg %. And, yes, you need a bunch of physical rr, as elemental rr is useless for that sword.