Beronath's Fury Proc Cold/Pierce damage Blademaster

Hello, this is my first planned build.

It’s currently untested as I’ve yet to get the deathmarked set that would really make this build shine, so I’m hoping you could help me spot out the shortcomings of this build before I can manage to play it.

It revolves around attack procs primarily, and uses the Shard of Beronath skill as a weapon attack substitute. Otherwise it uses ABB for the Lethal Assault buff, blade barrier for clutch face tanking and Shadow Strike for mobility.

My fears are that it’s too much of a glass-cannon to be of any actual use in Ultimate Game difficulty, which is why I stacked a lot of defensive devotions.

Please leave feedback as to how i would be able to improve upon this build, and thanks for reading.

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Hello :slight_smile:

Looking at your build, a few things come to my mind :

  • You do not take S of the most OVERPOWERED skills of blade master :

> Menrhir’s will
> Military condition
> Pneumatic burst

You will be way too weak if you don’t take those !

Nidalla’s justifiable hand gives you massive buff to shadow strike, which gives both mobitlity AND damage

Forget Oleron’s rage (soldier) and spend points in the spells above


> You should not pick tsunami, it is weak late game
> Rumor should be op with cold resistance reduction
> Scholar light and quill are not the best as well

Try to focus on RR > 1 or 2 procs > defensive

Menrhir’s will is unavailable for dualwield builds. It requires either a shield or a 2h weapon.

This is the kind of build I usually play so I can provide some help: took a glance at your link and all purple items usually isn’t great, and you picked all the offensive options and several of them are bad.

The pants and amulet are junk, the boots aren’t great either.
Spellbreaker Waistguard tends to be better than that belt you have now too.

Your main problem is that you need to choose either Pierce or Cold and stick with it. Yes, the DM set gives bonuses to both, but you need to focus your resist reduction on one type.

Your devotions are all over the place and you don’t take any tier 3 one for some reason. Pick one damage type and then get all the RR clusters for that (Murmur, Assassin’s Blade, Rhowan’s Crown, etc.) and then pick the tier 3 devotion of your damage type.

And change the pants/medal/amulet/boots to something defensive (Undying Oath is much better for example), otherwise you’re going to get chewed up and spit out like a piece of gum in Ult.
That Relic is completely useless for your build as well. The main point of that one is that it allows you to dual wield, but NB gets that for free with one point in Dual Blades.
Get one of the ones with either +1 to Soldier or NB.

Also you’re missing several key abilities in your trees as someone else pointed out, those are not to be skipped.

First of all, thank you all for taking time off your day to leave feedback on my build.

I dont have a lot of experience in buildcrafting within Grim Dawn so everything you replied was a lot of help.

The plans I have for this build thanks to your advice is as follows:

  1. Choose cold damage as the main damage type
  2. Revamp the devotion tree going for the Cold dmg over everything else
  3. Pick my gear choosing better defensive options
  4. Change the skill tree up to get a bit more tankyness going for Military Conditioning & a bit of Phantasmal Armor

Thanks again for your replies! If I ever get the build to function I’ll be sure to post it here.

For inspiration:

Try to cap attack speed with good rolls. Otherwise replace Enchanted Earth with Consecrated Wrappings.