Best 2H melee build for Ultimate campaign

Hi Guys,

Two-handed weapons are my favourites, but I’ve struggled with them in Grim Dawn TBH. I tried out a Witchblade build I saw, but it began to collapse in early Ultimate (not enough decent gear, Nemesis bosses were one-shotting me).

What I’m looking for is;

  • 2-H melee build (duh)
  • Not just a left-click lazy-boy build
  • Not totally dependent on top-end items
  • Can complete Ultimate, including AoM

I’m not really a crucible junkie, so am not really bothered about performance in Gladiator etc. However, if the build you’ve got in mind can do that too it’s no problem.

Thanks in advance, this is a great forum and you guys always deliver great advice. Ha ha ha no pressure or anything.

Right, I need some scrap. I have bridges to fix.

Nemesis bosses crush any build, that has very weak gear, in ultimate.

I dont know, if my 2-h Forcewave Witchblade count for “melee” for you (because it’s technically a caster, despite using weapon damage),
In GD, there are very few “left-click lazy boys”. Usually, using multiple skills/bottons in addition to main skill adds a significant portion of extra power to the build.

And what works in crucible, usually crushes AoM and nemesises just as good.

A link:

Thanks M_K that’s a cool build. I didn’t know Forcewave was a spell, so you learn something new every day. I got quite excited, as I’ve got a saved level 61 Witchblade. Then I realised he’s got maxed out Occultist skill bar, unlike your build. :furious:

You can remove points from skill bar, if you want, lol.

Or you can use a variation of my build with Possession instead of Oleron’s Rage. It also works well, just ensure you get enough OA elsewhere.

Whoah how do I do that? Is it a new potion in AoM (I’ve only just scratched the surface, I’ve seen the stats and devotion reset potions).

no you can just remove points from your bar at spirit guide. Potions are for attributes and devotions. You spent too much time repairing bridges.

I completed AOM with 2 handed blade master (soldier/nightblade). Basically pure soldier skills with 1 point into nightblade to max out Veil of Shadow.

I focused on using 2 handed Maces.

Devotions - Oleron, Rhowans Scepter, Kraken with the rest on defensive and heals devotions.

Primary skillz - Cadence, Blitz, Warcry, Menhirs will and all of the soldier passives and abilities that will proc with Cadence.

I had a Mythical Leviathan and was able to do all of AOM (no nemesis). This build was more offense focused and had some tanking issues, but the would routinely crit for 200k+

NM, the forcewave build is better.

Recently completed AOM on ultimate on hardcore from scratch through this build , zero issues.

For more fireworks and fun try my build (in my signature). Can kill all content (except ravager) plus Crucible Gladiator.

Cheers guys, lots of ideas to explore!

This is a 2H I want to try (next on my list). It was originally built as a Conjurer but now has 3 addiitonal builds to pick from (Druid, Vindicator, Ritualist). I still haven’t decided which one to build…

Here’s another build, very fun!
Fire proc Forcewave Commando using the Shar’Zhul Worldeater weapon!

Grimtools link in the description of the video :slight_smile:

just talk to spirit guide and click the big + sign to subtract mastery bar points.

i don’t understand how you have any HP at all w that build lol

Vindicator. It’s the most versatile. If you don’t like 2H, you can always go caster: I’m currently leveling a 2H Lightning Vindicator, which might fail miserably in the end, but it’s fun.

Umm since it’s my build I should add I’d recommend Druid the most. I won’t recommend Occultist for Aether Melee anymore unless you’re just doing it for the “lulz”. It still works well but there so many better options you’d be better off picking something else. So use one of the the rest of the three setups there.