"Best" Aegis class

What would you guys recommend as the “best” Aegis of menhir build / class.
I mean survivability and an ok dmg (i know Aegis isnt a big dmg dealer)


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For physical damage either Warlord or Paladin. For fire - Paladin, Shieldbreaker or Templar. Chaos/Vitality with Voidsoul is in bad state.

Paladin is amazing if you go for a fireburn bomber with Aegis + Rune of Kalastor.

Damage is big with the right devotion setup and survivability is very nice. If you go for Virtue set you have high Ascension uptime and with Ascension + Seal you are near to immortal.

What about acid/retal sentinel with perdition set? Poison/retal with daega set and bramblevine is decent aswell.

For acid/retal with Perdition set I’d go for dervish instead. Nightblade has a lot of buffs to acid damage and retaliation with the added survival of shadow dance. I’ve not tried Daega set yet though.

Why is it in a bad state? I theory-crafted this guy: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/O2GO6Bj2 and like to try him.