Best "big game hunter" melee build?

Hello, I recently came back to the game after finally picking up FG, and promptly rolled a Warlord to try an EoR build (namely, the excellent Ragin’ Phallus by @sir_spanksalot). I never played anything but Soldier-based classes, due to personal preferences, and after reaching SR 65-66 with the spin2winner I though “well, only Gods and Callagdra left now, right?”.

So, question really is: what’s the most efficient Soldier-based build that can kill Gods without having to pilot like an eel on speed? And what, in your opinion, is the fastest way to get it to Lvl94, GDStash aside?


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What level and where are you now in the game?

All my alts are lvl100, done FG content with just the Warlord

If you respec your warlord to retal or octavius you might be able to kill them. At least that’s two builds I know were able to do that some patches ago.

I’ll have a look at those then, thanks

The best thing about the ragin phallus is the name, imo

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Afaik one of the very few builds that can kill all Celestials with full facetank (zero kiting) and without target tweaks is Warborn S&B Cadence with Siegebreaker shield which I tested for someone long ago. Outside of that, I think, only retal tanks. And pets ofc but that’s not really tanking.

Not sure what that says about the build itself then. :wink: