[] YUHU the acid retal warlord - (HC, SR 80 with full aggro, ~7:45 Naked Cr with extra spawns, 3 min Ravager of the mind kill)

In no specific order, HUGE thanks to...
  1. @Contragor
  2. @superfluff
  3. @alkamoshater
  4. @rektbyprotoss
  5. @Aikimox
  6. @romanN1

This guide would not have been possible if it weren’t for your patience/guidance. Thanks so much for taking the time to answer my questions as I learned the ropes of HC theorycrafting.

And shoutout to:
  1. @maya
  2. @DraxRifter
  3. @valinov

And without further adoARE YOU READY TO RUUUUMBLEEEE?

^Screenshot of Revenant + Poenix set-up

GT (Revenant + Phoenix): https://www.grimtools.com/calc/xZy5vwwZ <— More DPS
GT (Targo + Phoenix): https://www.grimtools.com/calc/m23qBl4Z <— Unkillable iron giant
YT ( 3min ravager of the minds kill): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_AUmpRyeZSU&t=
YT (~7:45 naked crucible with extra spawn): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aSBGK1zwCTQ&t
YT ( 4x HC 170 clears; naked/extra spawns): https://youtu.be/hrKz3XiZfow
YT ( SR 75 - 79 with full aggro): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_hDtuHG95BI
YT ( SR 75 - 80 with full aggro): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DV6Izl-f-pg&t


  1. everything was done without the use of pharma. Minor component/augment changes were made to the spec for the ravager kill (I was also testing DG over shield wall here).

  2. Naked runs can be done with 100% consistency with GOOD piloting. To all HC players - consider yourself warned.

  3. To really demonstrate the viability of this spec in HC naked/extra Cr, I dropped shieldwall and phoenix for anvil/affliction.

  4. I wanted to do 3x consecutive SR 80 runs with full aggro, but GD kept crashing. While I believe that it’s techincally possible to do this consistently, I would NOT recommend trying it if you play HC. At least not without pharma, and without aggro-abuse. It’s too easy to make a piloting error in SR, especially with arcane mobs.

How the build works defensively

Aeon’s + CDR + shield based defence.

The spec boasts incredible uptime on absolution/OG with 100% block recovery/chance when both are active.

Ghoul/resilience act as phenomenal circuit breakers during any window of vulnerability when both OG/Absolution are down, with ghoul being the strongest possible defensive pick-up on the spec due to its interaction with aeon’s.

How the build works offensively CDR + Aeon's + perfect conversion on CS

With CS on a 0.2s CD, YUHU tears through enemies. This is further bolstered by permascension + permabsolution courtesy of CDR & Aeon’s.

Alternative itemisation

Creeping rings with relevant resists/stats are a phenomenal (albeit less offensive) alternative to the current pair used in the GT.

Those favoring defence can always opt for perdition gloves as it offers much better armor stats. The effective +1% CDR it offers also allows for better uptime on all procs.

Suffixes on the shield
The only necessary prefix here is chronomancer’s, or supercharged. The suffix honestly doesn’t matter.


This is NOT a friendly build to play. Expect to constantly hammer away at all your skills because they are constantly being reset by aeon’s.

My advice is to place Absolution, OG, Ascension, and Judgment side-by-side on your keyboard so that you can activate the former 3 before resetting them via judgment.

The reason why I chose to bind judgment to aeon’s (and not war cry) is because heart of wrath can also proc aeon’s.

This gives you a 3s buffer should you mistime your aeon’s reset.

  1. All testing was done in SC
  2. I was going to level up a legit/self-found spec in HC, but testing took way too long, and I’m really burnt out with this spec.
  3. Feedback on HC viability was given predominantly by @contragor. Thanks so much for the help here, mate. It really saved me a LOT of hassle.

Also…just for the lolz

Hope ya’ll liked the guide!

P.S: Spec is called YUHU 'coz…Y U HIT URSELF?


That’s what I was waiting for, good job mate :grinning:

How fast it could be with buffed crucible, did you try?

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Honestly, the best thing about this guide is the song.

Playlist is empty! :worried:
OMG… The first thing you go blind on is your eyes… Sorry!
The music… Meh…
Just go: Pump up the jam original!
But any with Snap…
(Gary Glitter in background, lol…)

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Quite before the storm, huh?

That’s the build you were playing last month, it looks monster! But I don’t know why, cause don’t have any experience with retal :sweat_smile:

@Unionbaron What playlist?

So counter strike does 30ish % rta per proc, and has a CD of 0.2s.

Assuming it procs 100% of the time, you can deal 150% of your retal damage from CS alone.

I missed the mega sized videoframe… (got it on second though…)

Sorry man :stuck_out_tongue:
I don’t think it’s possible to shrink the video frame? If it is, I don’t know how to.

Thanks for posting! Very interesting approach - especially with the new rings.

Also very impressive use of CDR and building around it. :grinning:

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Yay! Now that’s a true HC build! Creative, strong, tough! I can vouch it can be used for fast and reliable SR farming. Not too many HC builds can boast that level of performance.

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Seriously man, thanks so much for all the input. Couldn’t have done it without ya

Nah, the credit is all yours mate! It was a great a pleasure to watch you perfect it day after day. I didn’t even think a cooldown based HC build could be so resilient in the end. Great job!

No buffed Crucible video? Did you gave build for testing to other players?

Buffs/banners don’t really work for retal specs because RTA isn’t affected by total damage modifiers

You can maybe shave-off 30-45s with better stats (e.g. OA and crits), but it isn’t worth the tributes.

I also wanted to really stress test the shit out of this spec because the guide is meant for the HC community.

The way I see it - if I can do consistent naked/extra cr clears, the average HC player should have no problems with buffs/banners

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Then Stormcaller beacons, after all you’re the one suggesting the use of them!

Still very nice time for naked run. And you ordered extra spanks, I mean spawns :stuck_out_tongue:

I actually suggested this very thing to alkamoshater when we were discussing retal specs in buffed/bannered Cr.

Running 2x level 3 storm beacons should be really really good on this spec. Especially because can drop war cry’s awful RR and its even-more-awful terrify effect…

I couldn’t be bothered to try it though :stuck_out_tongue:

My main concern here was again to make sure the spec can survive the harshest conditions without external support.

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Great build from a great theorycrafter. Good job bro!

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Wait so this is just “HC”, not real HC? Still really nice build and superb results @sir_spanksalot , well done! :smiley:

You might have to start using hoarfront ointments though :stuck_out_tongue: :joy:

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I suppose I could whip up a spec in HC and do 3x naked cruci clears. But. like I said in OP, I’ve been testing this sum’ bitch for a month now, and I’m so tired of it :rofl:

But now that I’m saying this out loud, I probably should do it, just to show HC players what it’s capable of.