Reckoning Relic and -100% Block Recovery

I am using Reckoning Relic and i have 100% Block Recovery while Overguard is active. Which is close to zero Downtime atm because of amulet and Markovian’s Defense from Soldier Mastery.
Reckoning procs on 50% on Block, and lasts for 3 sec.
And most important for this question, no CD !!!

As it is very difficult for me to see what exactly happens there in a normal fighting, i have to ask.

What should theroretically happen in this situation? No Block Recovery and no CD on proc.

Lets assume for a moment, reckoning would proc 100% on block and i have 100% block and -100% block recovery.
Does that mean, if we assume above, that i would block ALL attacks (which can be blocked) and therefore would ALWAYS apply the Reckoning proc on ALL enemys which i blocked?

Even though i guess that most of the experienced players dont even think about using this rather weak relic, i was wondering how that would work out on a close to perma -100% Recovery build.

Thanks for reading.

The effect would not work on the very first block that triggers reckoning. The rest, yes.
If that´s what you wanted to know?

If i have 100% block and 0 sec Block Recovery, then i can block any blockable attack any time right?
If the proc skill on Reckoning Relic has no CD (only duration), then it should proc every time i block, if i would have 100% block and the proc 100% ony block.
In game i have only 80% block and Reckoning is at 50% on block proc but above assumption is only to try to demonstrate the mechanic.
I hope you got my point. Its not a easy thing to explain.

With 100 100 you block everything blackable, yes

What’s your block chance?

Regardless, there’s something VERY fishy with on-block triggers.

I have a spec with 100% block/recovery and I find that procs like obelisk and serenir’s commendation are very unreliable

sir_spanksalot, are you saying that on-block triggers are better when shield block/recovery aren’t 100%?

What is the spec, if I may inquire? For example if your DA is high enough that you don’t get hit a lot (or dodge, etc), then on-block doesn’t happen when you don’t get hit. A 30% on-block chance can take a while in that case.

But maybe there is something deeper to this.

As hammyhamster pointed out, kinda depends on the spec and what you’re up against. Not only will you fail to block due to DA evasion, but Dodging/Deflecting attacks or making enemies Fumble also won’t trigger block. Furthermore, AoEs cannot be blocked.

I have around 80% block chance. But as the others pointed out, DA and avoidance will prevent that every attack will be blocked. Some will be missed or avoided. But that was not the core problem here. The problem for me is how the following assumption will work out:
Assume we have 100% Block Chance, -100% Block Recovery, and 100% on Block proc from Relic AND we have no avoidance at all and not enough DA to be missed. Also notice that the skill from Reckoning Relic has no CD.
Now lets assume we will get hit by lets say 3 enemies in the same timeframe.
Now comes the crucial question for me: Do those 3 enemies would get debuffed by the Reckoning skill all at the same timeframe?

It’s the latest one I just posted. You can watch the videos I have in the guide.

With absolution and OG, I have 100% recovery/block with very good uptime thanks to CDR and aeon’s.

Click on a random video and watch how infrequently serenir’s commendation procs

Here’s a good video demonstrating what I mean. You can see what I mean in the first 30s alone

What do you mean by this?

AoE’s like Callidor’s or Sigils cannot be blocked.

I’m unclear whether something like Blade Arc can be blocked. My guess is yes but I could see it happening either way.

So something like aleksander’s meteor which has an AoE to it…does this mean damage mitigation only occurs with a direct strike?

Regardless, I still maintain that there’s something very sketchy with on-block procs. In naked cr + extra spawns, I should be getting hit directly & indirectly constantly whenever I’m in combat. Especially with a melee spec

Can be blocked. Aleks meteor is a Projectile.

So…what’s the reason behind the inconsistency of on-block triggers?

And it’s not limited to just serenir’s commendation either. I’ve noticed this same issue with obelisk, and anvil. Hence my preference for shieldwall and affliction

Yeah, hammers proc not often enough. But maybe it’s really just a da issue. With trash enemies they proc only 60% of the time, da wise.

Tbh the best way to test this I think would be to make a retal witchblade with fevered rage and low da, then stack armor/health/regen high as possible and block/recovery to 100%. Goal would just be to stay alive and test if getting hit a lot more frequently solves the issue or not… My suspicion is that da/fumble/impaired aim / dodge play a large roll in this