Gear question about retaliation warlord

Hey guys. Here is my warlord
I’m currently playing on Elite difficulty, lvl 71.
Right now I have no problems with mobs (killing Kronley’s Nemesis with ease) but I want to ask for future - how can I improve my gear? At some point my ‘Absolution’ set will became outdated (I’ve felt it at lvl 64 already, when my previous lvl40 oathkeeper ‘perdition’ set was not busted anymore). And same concern about ‘Royal Exuberance’. So, what should I aim for?

Thx for the link! I will read through this guide. But at first look lvl94 legendaries couldn’e be direct replacements for me :stuck_out_tongue:

your only concern right now should be getting to 94, not build optimization.

The reason for this is that all gear/equipment you use now will eventually be discarded for something better.