1h sword and board non caster tank build!

Yes i am new to the game and looking for a sword and board non caster tank build preferablely with lvling guide and less piano skills to have to do! Please and thanks for the help!

You should check Malawiglenn’s beginners guides in particular Paladin.

Not sure if it’s fast or efficient to run builds with shield and auto attack from the start. For example sturdiest class for shield is Warlord but you’re better leveling it as 2H Forcewave.

I tried leveling a SnB auto-attack build from as soon as I got a shield in the first few levels and I must say it was a very slow and boring experience. I gave up at around lv.30+ and respec-ed him into a leveling caster build where you just one-shot nearly everything.

You can go back to SnB AA-ing at lv.50 where better equipment becomes accessible to you.

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As others have already said: Leveling with S&B is quite a dull experience…

My advice is to level up a Warlord. For leveling, you could e.g. follow malawiglenn’s “Beginner Spinner” build.

When you got some gear, you can switch to S&B playstyle.

The strongest S&B builds are currently retaliation builds, like these:
YUHU by sir_spanksalot
Retal Warlord by AlkamosHater
Caution: To make retaliation work, you need the gear for it. So these are rather “future prospects”.

If you want “classic” S&B, IMHO the “Carrot Lord by veretragna” still rules.

OFC you can play S&B with different classes, but Warlord is probably your best bet as a first character. Inherently strong, lots of good endgame builds. Perfect for a good start.

Just gonna trough S&B Death Knight as another alternative in there. Possible both as Physical Stupid_Dragon’s beginner S&B or as Aether with the farmable Kriegs Set Krieg S&B by veretranga.

Definitely viable options. There’s also a a version by Nandi, based on the Markovian set. Warlords are currently stronger though. Besides that, IMHO Death Knight feels a bit more like a caster-melee hybrid.

On the other hand, Krieg set is target farmable, because the pieces can only drop from certain bosses in Malmouth. Might be a big plus for a beginner.