[] Carrot Lord - Markovian Cadence + 3x Blitz Warlord, Gladiator (7:06) and SR 86 viable

Hello, wonderful people!

Markovian set was in weird state in when I decided to assemble a Carrot Tank witchblade using this set, and it was good. It was indeed tanky and had some damage potential to finish Crucible on par with best S&B builds around.

But in Forgotten Gods, with new gear, devotions and Oathkeeper mastery, Markovian set can truly shine.
It’s my first build in Forgotten Gods expansion and I think it’s one of the best of my builds in all times.

Praise the vegetables and meet Carrot Lord.

>> Grimtools << No green items <<

It’s simple yet powerful Markovian Warlord using multiple sources of both single-target and AoE damage, and thus capable to deal with hordes of enemies and powerful single bosses with great efficiency.

Clears Crucible in 7-8 minutes (7:06 best run).
Completes Shattered Reality with no sweat up to Shard 86.

Core of the build

  • Main damage skills of this build are Cadence as single-target damage source, 3x different Blitz skills (Blitz, Vire’s Might, Rune of the Blazing Ends) as powerful nukes and Vire’s Cascade as wide-range AoE skill coupled with shotgun effect.
  • Other sources of damage are not so powerful, yet combined they show good results and can support your AoE damage. These sources are Markovian’s Visor proc, Counter Strike, Targo’s Hammers and Bull Rush bound to Vire’s Might.
  • Core items for this build are Beronath, Reforged and Markovian’s Bastion set.
  • This build stacks many sources of physical and chaos damage (which is converted into physical using Beronath), stacking huge payload of weapon damage which translates into devastating Blitz charges.
  • Build’s defenses include big HP pool (~26k in Crucible), huge armor, shield, Overguard, Stone Form and Will of Menhir.

Key explanations

  • Totally Normal Shield is attracting, yet it misses the conversion. Conversion is what makes half of job for this build; for example, Blazing Charge deals ~64k damage with Totally Normal Shield and ~90k with Beronath Reforged.
  • Mythical Obsidian Seal and Mythical Sanctus Crest are used to hardcap Safeguard and grant extra resistances. Safeguard provides a ton of flat physical damage and flat armor, it’s almost second Deadly Momentum but with armor.
  • Markovian Stratagem is slightly better damage-wise and has great proc, but it doesn’t grant max resistances, which is crucial in Shattered Reality.
  • Osyr’s Temper augment is godsend for this build. It provides 12 flat chaos damage for conversion and better OA/DA than Survivor’s Ingenuity. Skyshard Powder is a decent replacement for it if you don’t have an access to it for some reason.
  • Bysmiel’s Shroud weapon augment is used mainly for OA boost. It can be replaced with Coven’s Terror or Whipwine Powder, but the damage will remain nearly the same.
  • Bull Rush bound to Vire’s Might + Volcanic Stride has 85% chance to proc, and basically any enemy staying on Volcanic Stride makes Bull Rush proccing with very high rate. This is good source of AoE too.


  • Aggressive melee combat. You don’t need to fear everything in Campaign and Crucible, just charge and smash.
  • In Shattered Reality you must use Stormshroud Ointment and Venomguard Ointment in order to successfully withstand Kaisan attacks, because lightning and poison resistances are not that high here.
  • This build is capable to kill Callagadra with full Stoneguard set, but I killed her few patches ago and that build may need some polish.

Max crit landed by this character

Stats pane (Deadly Momentum, Ulzaad’s Decree, Overguard, Ascension up)

Shattered Reality

https://i.imgur.com/7fNqdTj.jpg - Shard 86 is completed





  • @petyo - your saved copy of this page made recovery of this thread much easier. Thank you very much!

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Carrot power cannot be stopped by hackers!

Filthy hackers will not stop the carrots, mwahahaha!

You’re on thin ice! :smiley:


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Finally, a rune of blazing ends dropped for me and I can use this build to its full potential. Thank you!

Brief glance at the patch notes also seem positive, helping to shore up poison and lightning resistance =)

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While patchnotes seem positive, Oleron belt nerf might slightly affect this build skill distribution, so track the updates :wink:

Nice solid build as always veretragna

I tried the WB version of this build but preferred my Warborn build.
Gonna try thisone out aswell

Damn I need like at least 5 Warlords to try all the various fun builds

Keep feeding me builds to try :stuck_out_tongue:

Tried the build after the “nerfs”, it still crashes crucible 170 easy… and Also i like the resistances better now… we got like 30% more acid and 25% more lightning… Just want to see if you will change the skill distribution now after chains of oleron nerf … the build still performs awesome

Thank you guys, will do my best!

I like this build,& wanna copy one.:smiley:

Cooldown of ascension and overguard is increased as well. But the markovian set bonus should help mitigate that

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I’m happy to notice that this build was almost not affected in
Various nerfs took only 1,5% of its weapon damage and ~4% of its armor.
Extra poison and elemental resistances made it even better.
I’ll provide an updated GT link when GT is up.

Thanks a lot Carrot King!

Looking forward to the carrot king!

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Hi Sir,

Will you be updating this for 1.1.2, or no changes necessary?

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Updated the link in OP.

Are you the one that made a “Carrot Commando: yet another Markovian tank” build that was on the forums before it blown away when they restored a backup? I can see it when searching Google, but every time I click the link I just get some random thread, which is why I assumed it’s been blown away but still in Google’s cache.

If so, could you re-post it?

Many thanks!

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