[] The new Carrot tank - Markovian S&B Warlord! SR 75+/Crucible buffless

  • Carrot tanks can be piloted by everyone


One of most popular archetypes in every RPG game is classical Soldier build - basic and sturdy. In Grim Dawn you have as option Markovian set, which works the best as Warlord. So no wonder one of most popular builds is THIS build made by @veretragna. And lot’s of peoples are still interesting in it, so time to make new take on this classical build.

My idea is to make all-around build, strong in defense with high armor, block, health but without neglecting the damage compartament.

Note that name and pic are dedicated to Vere’s build. Thanks for answering my questions regarding build to @x1x1x1x2 and @mad_lee


  • pic with permanent buffs only and RF charges.

GRIM TOOLS :arrow_right: CLICK ME

Cadence vs RF

I choose Righteous Fervor, Cadence is pretty point skill hungry and RF gives me armor, attack speed and DA, easy win for RF. And also mind that Cadence third hit is overriding precious Markovian’s Advantage, yikes!


Core item is Markovian set, which is random drop. Also:

  • Weapon is the easy to get Totally normal Shield. Totally normal item here with it’s +1 to both mastery and shield perks.

  • Medal is Markovian’s, thematic fit and is good too. Cheaper alternative is faction recipe bought Voracious One.

  • Relic is Honor, it have nice stats and AoE based proc. If you want more RR, you can take Deathstalker relic.

  • Belt is Gladiator’s, I use the conversion and also OA, which is lacking on Oleron’s belt.

  • Boots are Stonetreaders for extra armor boost. Option is Boneshatter for extra physical res, OA and slow. Also options are Windshear boots for physical resistance and trap. They have also proc with attack speed increase.

  • Gloves are Colossal, BiS for Shield physical builds for sure.

  • Pants are Barbaros, nice proc and OA.

  • Rings are 1x Black Matriarch for -RR proc and faction Coven ring, for DA, speed, resistances and nice skill bonuses.

  • NOTE: you need to craft with slow resistance


Since Ghoul is rarely activating and if it’s up you are basically screwed, decided to completely skip it. Scales with full conversion is very nice, heal, flat RR and energy leech. Also decided to skip the cancerous skill of War Cry, which saved me a bit of skill points. For damage reduction took Empyrion devotion. Also shield boosting devotions and procs on block. Obelisk is great defensive proc(low chance though) and Targo’s Hammer is nice offensive proc.


Build is best suited for campaign faceroll or SR 75/76. I tried in 75 to fully face tank all enemies at once and is definitely easy. High Shards are bit different. I made it to SR 85, I think that’s not the limit of the build.

In Crucible doing buffed runs is easy, mind not that fast. You can do 3x runs and sustain tributes. With luck 7 or sub 7 may be possible but the goal is to make sub 8 minute runs. I also tried to do naked run and build can hold the ground defensively. Damage burst against trio in wave 163 and healers in 161 can be problematic though.

I tried Ravager and was… killed. Second run was successful though. For this boss I suggest different configuration with higher physical resistance and life steal, that will make him more trivial.


Crucible buffed run of 7:06

Naked(bufless) Crucible in 9:49

Ravager of Minds kill, no pharma being used

SR 80 full run

SR 85 Manifestations of Hunger+boss chunk. I pull aggro from all enemies at once. That double Moose is pure cancer!


Totally normal shield, I thought Beronath was mandatory for carrot build

Why’s that? I have extremely low flat damage elsewhere(except fire on Empyrion) and +1 both mastery is real boost.

the weapon looks like a gray carrot

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Carrots are orange though. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Also, ancient Groble proverb: Two shields are better than one!

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Hey, Nery, nice Carrot ressurection!

I’d say ditch Honor and take Deathstalker rolled for OA. It’s meta for phys. Your OA is a bit low for a phys build too. I would also take Windshears, I think physical resist is going to scale better than armor here plus you gonna get useful trap res (and maybe some room to invest more into Cunning).

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Yes Windsher or even Chains of Oleron on chest are option for better stats and trap. Actually OA is fine, considering DA shreds on Markovian or Blitz+Seal of Anni and occasional OA increase of Ascension and Fighting Spirit.

Not sure about Stalker, Honor proc is my best AoE damage source. Also this is tank, little bit of RR is probably not that important. Sound ideas you have, I will add them as alternatives in OP.

Just test it and you will instantly notice the difference. OA scales very well on Physical build, especially in mods like Crucible. -RR% it’s the best damage (and survivability boost) build can have.

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I can make more offensive version for Crucible and try fitting better OA and RR. But for defense I don’t think you can be killed, 30k health barely moving 99% of time.

Btw unrelated damage of Markovian isn’t the strongest part but makes pure Cadence Warborn a joke!


I wonder how retal version od this build with Markovian would work. Might be a bit stronger than this looking from the perspective of my double shield warlord. But WHO knows? Maybe some day i will test it.

Very nice, congratulations on the Markovian working build :+1::+1::+1:

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Are you suggesting that Markovian set is too weak? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Thanks a lot! :blush:

Probably can work but why you want Markovian retal build? Stoneguard+RF focused helm and amulet should perform better.

Well I’ll just check to see how it perform :slight_smile:

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Interesting choice on picking RF Nery. Didn’t expect it to work so well on Marko. I’m really surprised :clap:

I also made a Marko WL and it’s more Blitz oriented. if I get the time i’ll work on it. hopefully Blitz will be cool again


Thanks, appreciate your comment!

Blitz is nice skill, hopefully will get more love next patch and Markovian set is the place for Blitz oriented build to shine! And maybe Justicar?

i’ve done a lot of Blitz testing in…testing the next patch

and I made truly blitz oriented. The build has 36K flat dmg in GT. Theoretically it should burst the hell out of things.

I think outside of the suggested flat CDR ont he forum. Marko proc should be better fitted for consistent bursting wit it. I’d have the Proc on marco

-05 sec CD every 2 seconds.

It would give you more consistency.

4 seconds is a long time and sometimes it happens when you are not ready to blitz, so that’s wasted. This keeps adding up over the course of a a run and the CD on the proc is more useful for devotions on overguard in the end, instead of helping Blitz more

Fire Blitz is Horrible as you would expect. i would have liked this to be changed to a fire CS mod with + skills, with Fx and all. Using the green bulwark with it. Now that would be interesting.

but the idea was not completely well received :sweat_smile: Maybe on some other items


Krieg set Blitz? (BlitzKrieg you know if you are polish)

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Nice! Your DW Phys EoR Warlord was my favorite one to use. I’ve been looking for a nice tanky build so I guess I’m making another Warlord lol.

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Thank you!

Warlord is usually very sturdy class, if you want tank this is premier option.