Any new "unkillable" HC Ultimate builds out there?

Hello my friends! I was looking at YUHU’s acid retal Warlord build and it looks great but a bit too many buttons for me to manage hahaha. [] YUHU the acid retal warlord - (HC, SR 80 with full aggro, ~7:45 Naked Cr with extra spawns, 3 min Ravager of the mind kill)

Is there something more or less tanky but is more easily played? Thank you!

Acid Retal Witchblade
Phys Retal Warlord
I recommend checking some of @AlkamosHater’s builds. He is one of the few builders that make tanky specs for SR pushing like this one: [] Sentinel of the Three Witchblade CR 4:30-5:00/ 105sr with Fevered Rage/ Humilated celestials -> Ravager 25 sec + Callagadra 31 sec + Crate ~1 min

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Known HC builders here are @RektbyProtoss, @Contragor and @Duskdeep86 (pet builds). Sorry if I forgot about someone.

I am not HC players but I post builds only able to handle sr90+ and all bosses at once in 75-76 deathless so it should definitely be viable for hardcore. I am not labeling it with HC tag only because I don’t play this mode.

Some of crucible’s speedruners builds should be viable for HC too but check if there were tested in high sr if you want to stay safe in 75-76 range or just stick to something like 50-51 or 65-66 or elite difficulty where drop rate is nice too.