[] YUHU the acid retal warlord - (HC, SR 80 with full aggro, ~7:45 Naked Cr with extra spawns, 3 min Ravager of the mind kill)

You can do the same in SC, as long as you don’t die, it’s basically HC. The game is no different, just more punishing in HC.

nah. doing it in SC is a little different IMO. If I have a 90% clear consistency with a spec in SC, I could easily rake up 3x clears in a row.

but if I played HC, I’d have to plan for that remaining 10% of “what-if” scenarios.

As it currently stands, I’m very confident of its naked cr capabilities, if only because i’m a lot more experienced with Cr.

@RektbyProtoss : I’ll do this tomorrow night. I already have a HC spec with 150 unlocked, so it shouldn’t be too much of a hassle
SR is a whole other ball-game though

@banana_peel:woops…sorry for tagging you here!

Exactly! There’s a big difference between “the build is capable of doing some deathless streaks” and “the build is a reliable 10/10 farmer, as long as the player doesn’t mess it up badly”.

But as far as HC goes, I think you can leave it as is. I’ve seen its performance and it’s pretty consistent. Obviously can’t say it’s a reliable Callagadra farmer, but 3+1crucible and SR 75 should be very very solid without much risk of dying.

Too late, now i have to reply!
great build, obviously :slight_smile: that permafreeze moment is a highlight for me :laughing:

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TL;DR - I still maintain that this spec is capable of farming naked/extra Cr in HC, though there must be an element of skilled piloting involved.

e.g. facetanking aleksander/dravis/korvaak will get anyone killed.

I’ve got an excel sheet to keep track of clear consistencies, and I’m currently on a 14x naked/extra streak with shield wall, and that was before I made the decision to drop 1x osyr’s fortitude for arcanum dust, which should give the spec a lot more defence.

The affliction set-up I was using previously relied a lot more on piloting, and is no where as forgiving. (though the fastest naked/extra clear was a solid minute faster)

But as we’ve discussed, the nerfs to affliction makes it completely obsolete in in both HC and SC.

27s of solid bullshit :rofl:

For builds that focus on Aeon. But if you are going the manticore, rumor and behemoth route, might as well add affliction. I’m still using it on my warlord and the build doesn’t feel much weaker. But then again, I don’t compete for lowest crucible times, so it’s an entirely different league.

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Is it really better than revenant?

I haven’t tested this at length, but so far the 4% phys res seems…lackluster compared to adcth and damage reduction from undead.

EDIT: TBH, you don’t need aeon’s to make shield wall competitive, just ~27 - 28% CDR.

That’ll net you 100% uptime on shieldwalls proc.

2nd EDIT: Something like belgo relic, or eternity is also excellent at keeping shieldwall up

GJ spanks :wink:
WB is as crazy as Warlord. Please try if you are interested.

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Do you think the loss of CDR would make it weaker?

Not better. But ever since Revenant became the go to constellation for most builds out there, I’ve been avoiding it in most of mine. I like manticore because it’s a reliable and consistent AOE RR, it has acid/poison support and you don’t need to venture too deep into the reds to get it. It doesn’t have the adcth or damage reduction from undead, but then again, most of my specs can do fine without those.

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An unknown person in Japan made this last year.

CDR seems not very important to WB.

BTW, I always use Fewmet Grip when doing Retal build, but is this glove not so good? I have rarely seen people using them.

その日本のWBはいい考えですよ。でも。。。。full setを使うのことよりよいかな?

This is as far as my japanese goes :rofl:

But yes, I agree that focusing on raw damage over CDR works very well too.

However, I chose to make this build the way I did to introduce the concept of “CDR-based defence” to the HC world.

It was really more of a theory-crafting challenge. I just enjoy making weird builds more than I enjoy making “powerful” builds.

The best is when the 2 come together. :stuck_out_tongue:

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It is very good that the width of the build is wide. I like both. :wink:

For retal builds, stacking %retal damage is almost always better than flat retal damage, or procs.

There are 2 reasons for this:

  1. Retal devotions and retal items tend to give flat damage in the hundreds (sometimes even thousands). E.g.:Assuming I have 10,000 flat retal damage, a 50% retal damage increase = 5000 more damage.

  2. Unlike other damage types, %retal damage is almost always +X% all retaliation damage. This means that all the retal damage you have is increased tremendously because of reason #1.

So you honestly don’t need to focus on conversion as long as you can stack enough RR for your different damage types.

E.g. An acid/vit sentinel using retaliation-righteous-fervor should theoratically do very well because righteous fervor’s transmutor converts 100% phys damage to acid, and 100% fire damage to vitality.

So all procs from things like messenger of war, or shieldwall will be converted to a damage type both masteries have RR to. Furthermore, the nature of “+X% to all retal damage” means that both damage type will be equally supported by items/devotions.


Thank you for the explanation. :+1::+1::+1:
I may need to insist on this glove proc buff.lol

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Procs are very good if/when you can stack multiple sources of the same proc.

Some examples are - The hammers from anvil, acid pools from affliction, and the new ring of sethris.

Take ring of sethris for example…it lasts for 5s, and has a 1.5s cooldown.

Which means I can effectively deal an additional 12% of my total retal damage every second, which is twice the value of fewmet glove’s proc

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Yeah, easy to understand. Thank you again. :wink:

So… basically a binder-warlord? Stacking cdr/Aeon/active defense like temp buffs?

That’s actually not a bad analogy!

Though I struggled with this concept more because shield mechanics isn’t as straightforward as something like mirror/mot combo.

@RektbyProtoss, @Contragor :

Copy/pasta from the YT description:

I understand that 4x runs is too small a sample size to demonstrate HC viability.

Thus, to better illustrate my point, I changed up the devotions completely for a more offensive set-up: Shield wall and phoenix were dropped for anvil and affliction.

Clear speed was ~30s faster.

IMO, the offensive boost is not at all worth the rock-solid stability of the original build.

I think this video also goes a long way in showing the extent to which has made affliction redundant.


Looks really interesting buddy, going to convert one of my old warlords to try this one for sure!

Thanks for posting :slight_smile:

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