Lower block chance after

Nothing in the new patch notes affects block chance in any way, but still somehow my Acid Retal Warlord has 1% lower block chance.

Anyone has any ideas why is that so ?

are you by any chance using Markovian Vanguard as only that shoulderpad that affect shield block chance in this patch.

If not, it could be one of the item that you’re using that providing bonus for block chance get rerolled because said item are changed. Sharing your grimtools link may also helping.

Nah I use sentinel of the three shoulders. Im currently not on PC, but basically I am using exactly this setup :

As I guess then, in patch note:

It also true with the Mythicial version, since you’re using that Mythical medal and that medal was added a new bonus, old version of that medal also get rerolled. I believe that was the reason of your block chance loss.

So when an item gets tweaked in the patch, the affected items ingame get rerolled ?

They will change their stats to match changes in the patche notes unless otherwise specified.

So my Mythical Serenirs Commendation did not get fully rerolled, the fire retal got added and thats it ?

Its still a mystery why my toon has 1% lower block chance ?

Re-rolling would be easier and safer for programmers, so I think it did happen.

This is big news to me, so after every big patch you guys go through your stash to inspect if some of your hoarded items rolled with some high rolls ?

That wouldn’t be fun to me, so I just move on with what I have.

Only if the item got a new bonus, if not it will not get rerolled. In my case, I got Inashkor head some patch ago and with the patch that make the item got physical aether ray support, it makes the off hand to reroll its elemental converted to physical bonus.