Best build in

I know its only been out for like a day, but what are your thoughts on some of the top builds this patch? Are CT sorc, Cadence Witchblades, Saboteurs, lights defender builds still top?

Most likely. They still buffed monster OA, and Trozan Skyshards set buffs, while nice, are not going to fix it’s core problems. Same with Grenado builds.

Although Grenado is a blast when the CDR proc triggers a lot in a row, so fun to fling like 7 of them in a row.

I am actually wondering though, that new legendary creates some interesting new cases for builds. 100% elemental to Aether conversion if you dual wield it means you can make pure Aether PRM, or even Firestrike, and that 200% Aether damage amp is nothing to scoff at either each. It also comes with resist shred, meaning I could see them setting up for an insanely high power build. Imagine a dual wield sorc using that with maxed IEE and Firestrike. You’d have absolutely stupid levels of aether damage on attack. Using it as such, you could still get the 4 piece set bonus for either Iskandras or Ulzuin’s, meaning you would have access to 2 ways to potentially super-amp it. You would end up with +4 Arcanist with the Iskandra set, before your relic, belt, or anything else comes into play as well. And IEE maxed out and fully converted into Aether would be some stupidly high flat aether damage.

Thanks for noticing CT sorc senpai.

But we just got 6 nerfs from the hotfix.

Thanks Zantai.

Between the tri-element sab getting nerfed, CT sorcs nerfed, and Cadence Witchblades getting nerfed, I’m not sure what’s at the top now. Blademasters?

Blademasters were always top and they still are :smiley:

Aside from that, belgo relic is nerfed for some flat pierce, and DM set for set bonus, tho you dont need DM set to build blademaster.
But idk how much increase in % dmg is given to cunning/spirit, didnt updated jet. If its some meaningful amount that could override or even surpass the dmg lost due to belgo relic nerf, ofc if you made BM with high cunning investment :wink: