Best Class/Class Combination for Chaos damage?

Assuming you wanted to focus on Chaos damage, what would the best classes to do that be? I assume the Arcanist, as he can convert the Aether ray to Chaos, but not sure what else.

Does anyone have a build for aar warlock ? cause havent seen any build or its like next to none

ofc you can build a chaos aar warlock it even has a dedicated set.

For the OP : chaos AAR warlock is the best combination hands down, but that is not the only thing you can do with chaos.

Witchblade is the best Chaos dmg dealer. Next is Pyro, then Purifier.

Inquisitor + Occultist, probably, because Inquisitor can reduce chaos resistance. The only class in GD that is capable to do that reliably (Pyro’s Thermite mines suck badly).

I assume Chaos AAR warlock is one of the builds posted in the giant build compilations on this forum? (Noob here; I’m not even sure what combination makes you a warlock lol).

Arcanist + Occultist. The Black Flame set boosts Albrecht’s Aether Ray and Sigil of Consumption. Take Possession for more Chaos damage and damage absorption and Blood of Dreeg for healing and offensive ability.

What he said, plus that set grants a castable skill ( a good one) : A seal that grants you phys res and dmg boost if you stand on it

Yes, Ritual Circle is an excellent ability that is perfect for Aether Ray.

there are many more skills you can use for chaos damage then just AAR. Sure AAR has a set made for it, but sets aren’t needed to play the game.

Inquisitor and Demo have chaos resist reduction in them (Demo having both flat and %)

Blood orb can convert elemental damage into chaos. (Better to use this with elemental procs and item skills)

Many Items also have chaos skills on them.