Best class for Cold SSF WKM spammer

What class would you recommend for an SSF WKM build(weaker bosses/SR priority):
Level 100 (GD - Grim Dawn Build Calculator

Spellbreaker? But then I’ve found this faction amulet with -Elemental Res to WoP and Casting Speed Heart of Malmouth so perhaps Infiltrator or Mage Hunter but I don’t need damage reduction that much because I can get it from Yugol.

Theoretically I could do Reaper with Soulrend but it’s too rare of a drop for me (4%).

Oathkeeper seems to be also an option.

On the other note - does anyone know how often this sword drops Mythical Conduit?

Btw managed to make it look a bit better:


(stolen from RoH)


That modded version owns. I just wish there was a way to align the projectiles so they aren’t off-center of where you’re targeting.

they are? :thinking:

What do you mean, maybe I can fix it?

I remember Spanks saying to me something about it but I think it was based on the look
and he didn’t test if there’s full damage or not

(quick line snap done in paint so obv not 100% accurate :sweat_smile:)

so seems ok, right?

Quotes from Spanks

btw “Also - I really wish obsidian tremor is better, but you cannot shotgun targets with the 3 projectiles (but you probably already know that”

“Can’t find any other video of me testing it. But if you go to 8:05 you can see how the middle projectile of tremor isn’t lined up with the middle cursor, so only 2 projectiles are hitting the target.”

Yeah, try it in game:

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Ah, you mean this. Sure, I always considered and played WKM / Tremor as melee in contrast to Forcewave :slight_smile:

I could change it probably but it would a considerate changing of the game, by lowering the following:

(total angle span)

Tqfan i always wanted to modify blade spirit to make it look like its version of fire, how could I do it?

ye that’s def different
argh, can’t unsee can’t unsee :tired_face:

seems like this requires a bug post so Zantai can can centre perfect those misaligned skill FXs for our OCD relief :sweat:


Ah, so I think I misunderstood, will check it asap

@Jabarto yeah, you’re right, has there been a bug report for it already?

@savage1991 I did it once for but it has to be redone for because BS changed

You need to change letters a to b in a file below
(bladeswarm_bXY.dbr instead of bladeswarm_aXY.dbr)

I tried to mod it but I only achieved this so it’s probably not fixable by modding:


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A friendly reminder that there’s still no advice about what class to take yet 13 posts.

I propose spellbreaker:

In this setup it is not squishy at all. Also pay attention to juicy 63 RR to cold on Veil of Shadow.

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First things first, that modded skill from RoH is incredible. I’ve always wanted it like that. You put Crate to shame. :grinning:

Anyway, classes. It depends on what you like. For the highest (sheet) damage, reaper is best but has insanely bad QoL. Having to maintain Soul Harvest + LA + spam winter king is just wrong.

Infiltrator has the best QoL but you dont get cast speed and you’re a bit squishy.
Trickster is amazing if you like pseudo pets (Heart of the mountain, wind devils, BS, etc). Also tanky. My favorite.
Spellbreaker is good for that sweet OA. Crit spam but less RR.
Mage Hunter sounds good but you dont have any big cold damage sources like LA. Also you miss the free RR from the helm/sword. Tanky but not strong.

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First of all, I would definitely pick Shaman, as it supports 2handed, -RR and Stormcaller pact is just huge dmg boost.
Second mastery, there are plenty of choices, however I think NB is the best among these: -OA / RR, % total speed, not many points necessary to spend (as you dropped dualwielded path).

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I theorycrafted Endgame Trickster WKM (caster variant) in the past Trickster, Level 100 (GD - Grim Dawn Build Calculator
but without all Lightning to Cold conversion gear (SSF / beginner build) and Bane of the Winter King,
Shaman is not nearly as attractive and Brute Force doesn’t do much.

@holystar88 Although maybe I could use these for conversion from Cold to Lightning to better use Shaman

but then I lose Nightblade’s RR :frowning: so maybe Lightning WKM Druid

btw Oathkeeper for Cold Judment Conduit with damage reduction seems interesting to me: Unique prefix

Why not reverse :sweat_smile:, lightning to cold is better. At least you can find 2, chest and gloves.
I tried to theorycraft Cold Judgment, sadly all other items support Judgment dont support cold and vice versa.

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True but I think farming them for a beginner build and Morgo in general is too much.
At the point of Morgo I feel like just playing the full endgame build :slight_smile: not half-assed Morgo

I was afraid of that :frowning:

@holystar88 making a Cold / Lightning hybrid is also some idea.

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