Best dps build?

Hello :slight_smile: As the title says , I am wondering what would be the highes dps build now ? I want to test something, I don’t mind defense …I just need the highest possible dps output :slight_smile: sorry if the thread is not for here :slight_smile:


Do you mean endgame builds with full set items or just newbie friendly ones with faction gear etc?

Yes. Endgame builds. Just wondering which class or skill would do the most dmg aoe and single target.

I can only say for the builds I personally have played. Among them this one is best DPS (though not super single target oriented but very decent).

Look for the thread “Fastest Cleaners” on these forums. All the fastest dps builds are there. Although this patch changed a lot.

Thank you very much :slight_smile:

Cold Morgoneth SS infiltrator - despite the nerfs - should still be at the top when it comes to both AoE and single target. Spite blademaster was close but was just nerfed quite hard. Cyclone elementalist was always top 3 - and maybe number one in AoE - but single target is not stellar, and lightning just lost its signature weapon component. I wonder how AAR is doing after this 10th round of nerfs. Probably as peachy as after the 9th…

But truth be told there are maybe 5 guys in the world skilled enough to tell the difference in performance between these builds.


what build for newbies like me you reccomend ? To start farming end game items / content

Pet cabalist can reach pretty high DPS. Maybe the highest I’ve seen (against the dummy). Not necessarily the toughest or best, but for raw DPS I bet a skeleton cabalist is pretty close to the top.

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My best glassy cannon so far… :slight_smile: