Best feeling or pseudo-melee skills in game?


I’m looking to grab that Ultimate Token and finish Forgotten Gods with a new skill. Maybe even make a cool build eventually!
I’m personally a huge fan of pseudo-melee / AOE skills with a melee weapon such as Reave / Lacerate in Path of Exile.
I tried some melee skills but I didn’t find anything like it so I finished Normal mode with Flames of Ignaffar but it wasn’t really it. Didn’t have a punch to it!

Are there any AOE pseudo-melee skills? Possibly AOE!


Which skills would you rate the most satisfying in Grim Dawn?


2H BH. I think x1x1x1x2 did one which hit for like 1mil damage.

As for most satisfying skill? For me, it’s PB hands down.

EDIT: <-- x1x2’s build

Eye of Reckoning, Vire’s might, Aegis of Menhir, Blitz, Forcewave, Bone Harvest, Primal Strike. Fire strike also has AoE part to the attack and hits 3 targets with the MI weapon.

Also coming with FG in a few hours time there are movement runes with decent damage values on them also. Quite a few of them have AoE and multi target potential.

Some component skills hit 5 targets also. E.g decapitate and behead. These do a lot of weapon damage for no skill point investment. So they are very nice additions for the levelling phase.

That won’t work until you have at least reached the part where the MI with bone harvest bonus drops cause transmuter converts all phys to cold instead of vit.

Didn’t you use death’s reach? There’s no inherent phys damage on that, is there?

For me the most satisfying pseudo melee AOE skill is Callidor’s Tempest combined with Chaos Strike. Just jump into the fray and blast 'em! :smiley:

Chaos Strike will be obsolete with Forgotten Gods though. I’m looking forward to trying out the different new movement skills. My CT build will be even more satisfying then because I can replace the Riftstone with Seal Of Blades for better survival.

I mean the guy looks new so he probably needs something to level with. My build was almost purely for endgame during AoM and will only start working on FG once you get to the FG areas.

I can’t believe you did that BH Death’s Reach build FIVE months before I did my Bone Jovi Ritualist. I thought I was being creative, damn, and I actually just redid your idea, lol. (but I honestly have somehow missed your guide)

Or get multiple such strikes to stay on the move?
… I really gotta craft a multi-hotkey to chain them on one button.
For actual Melee, Firestrike is probably a solid option, or Blade Arc. Higher Levels, Cadence can work, but … eh. Forcewave is definitely a solid option, the cooldown can be brought low enough.
Personally like Bone Harvest, but that’s getting a bit further from the idea.

Most satisfying skill has to be Shadow strike,now you see me and now you don’t Plus the sound is cooler than Blitz.Bone Harvest is good too,and skills,where you have stuff falling from the sky:p

Damn, I just remembered Chaos Strike is on its way out.
It’s kinda ironic that the update that brings us the movement runes actually lessens our potential mobility.

It offers a teleport which allows you to move where you want instead of being forced to charge an enemy. The movement for a lot of builds will be vastly improved.