Best Fire/Lighting Panetti's Class

Hey all, since brought some awesome Panetti’s skill modifiers to the Invokers set I thought I’d respec my original character and try it out (he was once pure Aether Panetti’s/AAR but was too squishy and poorly configured to actually work).

I’ve got 2 options I’m trying weigh up between, but would appreciate feedback on skills and devotions, which I tend to spec towards stats as opposed to damage. I like the setup, but I’ve seem some really creative devotion set ups on here and would like to know how to better improve it, having Manticore, Widow, Rhowan’s Crown, Bard’s Harp and Tree of Life would be nice but the stats from Chariot and Spear of Heavens are so nice to have on a build with almost 100% crit damage (over 100% with the Druid setup).

The 2 options are Mage Hunter or Druid. Mage Hunter benefits from better gear synergies and bonuses as well as SIGNIFICANTLY better OA, but Druid gets better Health, DA, Crit damage and RR.

I don’t play Crucible, this is more for Nemesis runs and Rogue Likes as I find these the most enjoyable.

As far as gear goes, the top slots are all fixed but I think these are BIS slot anyway since Invokers, Spellgaze and Acranum Sigillus work really well together. I have Shoulders, Hands, Boots and Belt which I’m using and I sort of swap out the other slots with whatever I find, still farming Galakros for a Tempest Dread Plating for the sweet, sweet Elemental and % OA, same with Dreeg Sect, if I can get Tempest of both I will be a happy camper.

Thanks in advance for any input or suggestions :smiley:

Cheers, Tazor