Best fire/lightning dual stormheart firestrike build?

So my first build was the Storm Zerker trickster. After playing around with Callidor’s Tempest, I’ve decided I really liked that Storm Zerker build, but I’d rather go Elementalist instead of Trickster. That gives me fire strike instead of savagery and all of the neat demo buffs to get my OA and damage up. Dual wield will require a specific medal or relic, I’ll lose the cleave, multistrike, whirlwind, and nuke procs from the nightblade DW line, and I’ll lose blade barrier and pneumatic burst.

Looking through the builds forum, though I realized that the tri-elemental saboteur build is essentially the same thing. However, this time it’s pairing nightblade and demo, leaving out shaman.

So what’s the better compliment for demo: shaman or nightblade? Shaman gives wendigo totem, 40% increased max hp, and +50% crit damage. Nightblade gives pneumatic burst, blade barrier, and the four 20% chance attack procs. My guess would have been Elementalist, because those max hp and crit damage numbers are so nice, but I don’t see that mentioned much here while the tri-elemental saboteur build is always front page… Anybody got an opinion on the subject?

If you go for Shaman, you’ll get more survivability and Regen at the cost of base damage output. You’ll also get a more workable and spammable form of Crowd Control and crit damage (if you go Stormcaller’s Pact).

If you go Nightblade, you get a shitload of offensive capability and a really solid on-demand heal with moderate amounts of Crowd Control. You can also pull away with some degree of defensiveness with chance to avoid/deflect attacks.

For Stormhearts in particular, I’d recommend Saboteur. The two general options you have are the Tri-Element Saboteur, which you seem to be familiar with, and the Maelstrom (my own design). The two take a different approach to the general concept. Tri-Element deals substantially more base damage but Maelstrom deals more augmented damage (capitalizing on resist reduction) and has a larger focus on Crowd Control.

For a Trickster, from experience I’d recommend using 2x Dawnbreaker’s Sledges as well as the other pieces of the Dawnbreaker’s set, save for the shield. Stormhearts aren’t great on a Trickster, imo.