Best Level to start Elite with no Ill-Effects

Presently still playing Veteran difficulty. I have several characters standing near the Gates of Necropolis Rift Gate. There Levels range from 52 - 55 (different class combinations, different survivability).

My main worry is to reach Elite at a high level and have repurcussions where Faction Reputation Gain and Loot Drop from monsters/aether crytals (in both aforementioned examples) suffer negatively or stop altogether.

So, what is the safe level to enter Elite ?


50 - 55 is perfectly fine to enter elite although sometimes you can enter up to 60 depending if you farm smth on normal for that sucky last piece of gear ^^.

As soon as you beat log and have enough defensive stuff to actually fight in elite you are set. Normal/Vet is worthless move on asap

You’re fine.

You can even enter Elite at level 35 and be ok.