Best Secondary Class for Melee Primal Strike Build?

Been trying to make Primal Strike work. I’m willing to sacrifice a bit because its so damn fun, but it seems a bit underpowered compared to savagery, blade arc, etc. Very possible I am doing it wrong however.

So, what is the best class to pair with shaman for a melee primal strike build? If possible, include a suggested grimcalc build and/or link to an existing build guide.

Thanks in advance for the help!

I played Druid with something like this

It was pretty good but need to recast Briathorn on CD for his buff (not problem at all - 12 or 18 seconds pfff).

Then when I was tired of constant white/blue screen I switched to Savagery and build became much stronger (even in full Primal Strike oriented gear).

Edit: in the calc I didn’t get skills to ult but it’s meant to do this, Primal and torrent - as high as you can.

I like conjurer. It’ll net you heals and the ever important resist debuffs.

As for devotions, perhaps something like this (from the top of my head):

Primordial > Eel > Eldritch > Scholar’s Light > Kraken > Viper > Refund Primordial/Eel > Hawk > Manticore > Empty Throne > Chariot > Refund Scholar’s Light/Eldritch > Behemoth (3) > Order > Tortoise > Crane > Scales (all but energy regen) > Ulo (1) > Chaos

I found the build, “Ultos, the Storm Striker,” which utilizes soldier as a secondary class. I can’t post the link because I have not been a user long enough, but I think I might go with this one. Any thoughts/tweaks?

Thanks for the feedback so far!

I run something similar to that build, although with much less optimised gear, halfway though act 3 in ultimate without too much trouble.

I think Occultist is the best choice - as it provides great resistance reduction and formidable tankiness & DPS boosts.
Demolisher is also a nice choice - he also has resist reduction (although not so convenient), some DPS boosts and miss debuff.

Can someone link a grimcalc of the build with occultist as a secondary? Idk what to do for that variation of the build

For a Primal Strike Conjurer, I’d go for something like this. There are plenty of points left over to use as you see fit.

I haven’t included Devotion, but I’d definitely want Widow and Kraken.

Thanks guys. 2 more questions:

  1. I have serious energy problems. Any tips to alleviate this?

  2. Has anyone tested foregoing thunderous strike and running both primal strike and savagery? If so, a grimcalc link of that build would be great.

I did. The conjurer a few replies ago. :wink: Also, you can use a focusing prism as your amulet enhcant to make your skills cheaper to cast. Ectoplasm can be used as well if the prism isn’t enough. That goes on jewelry, headpieces and medals.

It’ll be easier late game as mana pools get bigger, but anything you get that has energy absorbed from enemy spells (viper is great, chance of energy leech and 10% absorbed) is great ow -X% skill cost. 2 points in owl for -5% could be nice as a placeholder until you really fix the issue. I personally use druid as my secondary class, but I think occultist and soldier are both good options. Soldier is definitely is the most tanky, but also does significantly less damage, though you do get a dash ability which is pretty sweet. I actually keep a weapon on swap with a dash for my druid :stuck_out_tongue:


Here’s a devotion setup I fell in love with after they took a shit on manticore’s resist reduction. This devotion setup provides a few nice things. A solid amount of health, massive hp regen from behemoth/tree of life (esp if they both proc at the same time), 20% ele resist reduction form viper and -35% lightning res from widow/arcane bomb (one more way to reduce lightning res and you’re doing TONS of damage), and obelisk providers with a solid DA and armor bonus. Not a lot of %OA going on is the one downside of this I’d say. You could opt for chariot instead for some more OA and pick up tip the scales for extra healing if you need, but honestly tree of life is just sick

Another great bonus is that we have no dash skill in druid/occultist and no +% move speed either. The sailor and kraken movespeed bonuses really help us get close to the cap. I actually ended up running 2x dread skulls on my druid since primal scales with attack speed and I can get just short of capping move speed.

TomoDak, can you provide a grimcalc link of the skill build/attributes you are running? Thanks man! if you can snag an incorruptible ring you can have pretty disgusting resists!

As you can see my OA is pretty shitty on this build, but I haven’t touched it at all besides reworking the devotion setup since b29 or maybe it was b30 when they nerfed manticore and also lost me a metric fuckton of OA. Shouldn’t be too hard to mix things up a bit to a few hundred more OA in the mix

On the Devotion setup you could mix things up a bit as long as you have enough yellow/blue for tree of life. The 3 points in obelisk you can do whatever with. 3 points in targo or scales for more health/energy. You could swap the yellow 5% hp node in the middle to the red 5% hp node on the other side which would let you use spear of the heavens. 1st 3 points would get you 80% lightning damage, 40 or 50 OA, 5% OA and I think the 5% OA node gives aether res or chaos res too. 3 points could be used for Ulo as well to shore up resistances

Great information, thanks guys.

I am torn between conjurer, warder and druid, sitting at lvl 40 shaman.

I am playing softcore so I don’t mind being a bit squishy if i go druid/conjurer, but I do really like the mobility of soldier.