best way to back up files?

I am not 100% sure exactly how to save a backup of any of my tons’ data properly.

is it a simple copy and paste? is there a special program to open the file I need in order to do the back up ?

*basically I need to mass backup my 26 toons without messing anything up
the main thing I am worrying about is my shared stash
*** the defiler program works great to edit a lot of stuff in grim dawn… but the shared stash component.


All your files are in My Documents\My Games\Grim Dawn\save so simply back that up in its entirety

just copy paste? or what works best lol I haven’t done these things in ages …

How you back up your data is really up to you :wink:

Copy & paste works just as well as any other method that copies the data to a second location

If you have Windows 7+, you can use built-in shadow copy. If enabled it works by default, and you are able to restore your saves to an earlier point in time. Sometimes it does not do every change, so you may need to “create restore point” manually.

regular copy and paste worked great for me. just have to remember to have some save points before doing any changes lol or I would be screwed out of my legendaries already found