Best way to farm Tainted Brain, Ancient Heart, and Blood of Ch'thon?

Hey guys, I havent played for a LONG time but finally started again and I’m currently at Homestead in Elite difficulty, and I found the smith in Tyrant’s Hold that can craft different Legendary items at a cost of 8 Tainted Brain, Ancient Heart, or Blood of Ch’thon depending on what you craft.

So what is the best way to farm Tainted Brain, Ancient Heart, and Blood of Ch’thon? Would it be certain areas, or farm certain bosses, or doing bounties?


Get a heap of dynamite then search for Treasure Troves.

Not for everyone of course, but I’ve found that using Darlet to demolish useless +65 epic items or legendaries cluttering up your inventory will usually get you a blood of ch’thon, tainted brain, or ancient heart in most situations - it hels keep your inventory squeaky-clean.

If you want specific places, these items have a rare chance of dropping from certain types of heroes and bosses:

  • Tainted Brain Matter drops from heroes and bosses of the Aetherial faction. I think it also drops from Darius Cronley, but I’m not sure about that one.
  • Ancient Heart drops from beast and beastkin heroes and bosses. The guardians of the Witch Gods from the Hidden Paths also count.
  • Blood of Ch’thon drops from chtonian and bloodsworn heroes and bosses. However, the bloodsworn (the cultists) seem to have lower chances compared to the chtonians. (the creatures)

Duck_King and Machofish suggestions are also valid alternatives, and you can also try a Crucible run.

Also: no need to farm for Ancient Hearts, if you need one. Any Leg crafting item (excluding manticore eye) will do. Just turn it into the one you need @ the necropolis blacksmith.

Do lot of waves in crucible, get rewards, then blow them up with dynamite. 72+ sets produce better result, so watch it :wink:

hearts - the hive + gollum + harpies southeast of WP
brains - fast Warden/Lucius runs; Cronley is worse as there are no aetherials on the way
blood - BoC

Or, alternatively, treasure troves. But deterministic farming brings better results.

I am level 55 and I am having a lot of trouble finding some tainted brain matter. What the best/easiest place to look for treasure troves?

Easiest is Mountain Deeps, just go from Prospector Trails riftgate back to it, took around 2 minutes to find the box, you only have to kill the big insect queen in there. I usually do a bunch of Cronley run for dynamite and rings, then pick up trove in Mountain Deeps, then exit and go back again.

As for Tainted brain matter, easiest is Warden run, then Cronley run

Tainted Brain Matter - Rare drop so do Cronley/Warden

Heart - Smuggler’s Pass Voldrak is easy farm

Blood - Forsaken Wastes/Obsidian Throne

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Kill warden again and again and also kyzogg the reanimator your very 1st main story boss

You forgot kyzogg thats where I farm tainted brain matter faster than warden and cromley and easy for heart the boss at hidden path outside of devil’s crossing and blood just kill salazar or just trade tainted brain for blood in devil’s crossing bounty table

I want to second that Kyzogg is great for farming Tainted Brains. You can get to him in under 2 minutes after loading a new game and he drops Tainted Brains around 25-33% of the time for me in Ultimate.

I agree, Kyzogg is a good place