Best way to specifically farm for these items while leveling?

I’m looking to make a Conjurer pet character soon and I would like to get these two items as they would help a ton due to the lack of pets without them.

I would like to find “Blightshard Amulet” and “Black Grimoire of Og’Napesh”.

What would be the most effective way with the highest chance of finding these two items while leveling?

Blightshard Amulet is a level 20 item. Does that mean I need to farm it while the enemies are 20-30? I’m not sure how to go about this. I really want to find them while leveling. :frowning:

First, look up the item in the item database. If the item does not say, at the bottom, that is drops from a particular place, it’s a random drop from any hero/boss/stash. There is nothing you can do, other than find a hero/boss rich environment to kill stuff in. Otherwise, farm the target it lists.

Edit: Looking up the items myself, there is no notice about where either drops, which means there is no special place to farm.

So how would I go about looking for them? Killing enemies around that item level?

yes you need to farm enemies around the level of the item. if this is your 1st character you are better off just playing the game normally tho. As the normal versions of those items will not be used for that long. Try and find the empowered and or mythical versions (if they have a mythocal version) later in the game.

For the most part, you can’t farm for a particular item, except in the rare cases they do drop from a particular mob. The Grim Dawn database link I gave you will tell you if it is one of those items. Otherwise, just play the game and hope to have luck, or spend time in the crucible, which drops a higher percentage of drops than most places, by a lot.

As your level progressing, you would drop it soon when you found better amulet (lv 50 is a big step as legendaries start dropping), also the amount of items and RNG mechanic in this game are huge, so just use what you have at low level, I have so many chars and most of them use selffound gears til lv 50-75.

You can set up a farming route to go through bosses and know locations. Here’s a list of videos that’ll explain more:

The tome can in theory be semi-targeted by chaining a level appropriate boss who always has an offhand (rolder…something who drops the cold mi tome comes to mind) this is because over multiple runs the WYSIWYG system is a noticable amount of boss loot. Amulet you are out of luck on, and neither will be terribly useful long term.

Really best to just continue leveling and not worry about such things until the level cap.

Everything said here is valuable information for you, I’ll just add that by the time you farm and obtain that gear, you will have naturally leveled way past. Leveling is very, very quick before 50, and soon you will have hit that mark, and those items may still be useful for you, but you most probably will have found better simply by playing “normally” (progression through the campaign) and not farming. Side effect: possibly more fun for you.

For me the best way of farming is going for all Nemesis monsters you unlocked + rogue dungeons (Steps of Torments, Bastion of Chaos, Port Valbury). It sure takes a lot of time to do those, because around 3 hours if you are kind of lucky with Nemesis encounters, and overall time spent is 2 - 5 hours (by farming every nemesis in the game except for Kymon, Cronley and Barrowholm [expansion] + rogue dungeons). You spend 5 hours if you’re very, very unlucky on Nemesis encounters.

Loot is gorgeous. I mostly end up with at least 8 legendaries. I don’t drop many blueprints because I already have most of them, but when I had no blueprints and like 2 Nemesis unlocked, I used to get a blueprint for every nemesis killed. Also, it’s nice to hunt Kubacabra in the whole Ugdenbog because you can farm Ugdenbloom along with it (AoM). If you kill every flower monster on the road with those tree trunks, you can even end up with 19 Ugdenblooms after one run.

I don’t think any of those will work for the items he wants. They are level 20-30 items.

It is also bad advice in general, most nemesis have too many spawn points to be worth deliberately hunting. And by usernames own numbers even twin falls wasp runs would be superior.

I mean, it works for me. Sure there are other ways of farming, such as SoT + Moosilauke every time etc. I just don’t like doing that because my PC goes crazy if I re-open my character multiple times (weak PC, not the games fault). I also like killing every nemesis and check if I can fuck up something and die.

It massively depends on what you like more, killing strong enemies or getting items fast. I also said that that is the best way of farming to me, not overall.

I assume for the level 40 book I can farm dynamite and farm troves to get it?

Your odds of it dropping on any run is going to be in the neighborhood of 1 in 10,000. Don’t try to farm for it. Just play the game, and make due with what ever does drop for you. When it drops, then use it, but don’t focus on it until it drops.

The common thread in every post is telling you not to try farming them and just keep leveling. Perhaps there is something to that.

I only found the amulet (and its Mythical version) recently. The Black Grimoire I found several times, but for the Empowered version, I found a blueprint only, so maybe only the blueprint drops?