Better ending for core and expansions

This totally feel… fell to void when killed last boss (any of them) there is not ending. It didn’t give feeling you beat the game and definitely not leave any memorial memento. Can’t be adding something like opening video each game (core + expansion(s)) so it doesn’t feel game ending rushed to release date? :wink:

Game ending didn’t rush to it’s release date. The devs only decided on the release date when they were happy with the game and it’s ending.

Zantai mentioned before that the AoM intro video took months to create and wasn’t cheap.

I agree that it’d be a nice feature but Crate doesn’t have the time/money to do it.

Animators and VAs don’t come cheap, no. I can only imagine how much of a budget a lot of my favorite video game cinematics required.

They should make a game-ending video/videos where they describe what happened in the ending area. You know, black background and white text saying “hero killed the boss called Loghorrean, blah, blah, blah…” and everyone would be happy because they finally have an ending video.

This only tells us some thing. Grim Dawn will get another expac. Until we see some sort of celebration banquet or some victory speech from a celebrity icon in the world of Cairn then we know it’s the end. This could happen in GD2 though as this version may only end us with a cliffhanger.

Well we still haven’t explored Southwest of Devil’s Crossing. There’s a broken bridge leading to it. If you look at the map you can clearly see a path going there.

Let’s hope that’s the next Xpac. POGGERS

Apparently the default camera view is causing some problems there. I am uncertain if it was Zantai or Medierra who said this though

And some other discussions

An older member probably has the full story regarding why Old Grove is a “dead end”

This is what we call a Sequel Hook

Look maybe I am mistaken and older members like Asylum, Eis, Jiaco or mamba can clarify this

Or better yet medierra, evil_medierra or zantai clarify the status of Old Grove

The rough gist of why old grove is a dead end is because of the way the default camera position makes it a bit more difficult to see mobs south of you while they can attack you before you see them.

Yes you can rotate the camera, but how many people do that and also why force people to use something

I honestly never got why is this considered an issue at all, when there is a lot of areas where you move south, with the camera on default position anyways… heck, even on the old titan quest, and other ARPGs have areas that you have to move south, and it isn’t an issue to run into monsters, while you’re coming from north, plus it’s not like you would be forced to move south 100% of the time.

True, but surely you get the same problem going south anywhere on the current map anyway. It would really depend on how much they could “turn” the travel direction once you started the journey I guess. Looking at the map you might be able to start south and then turn west - there’s a lot land west/southwest that is unexplored. Or possibly turn east - not much on the map in that direction at the moment, but could maybe be expanded.

I can’t say I like going south particularly because I can’t see what I’m likely to run into. But I prefer that to rotating my camera. While I can see advantages to doing that, I just can’t get to grips with it. All that rotation makes me feel sick to my stomach and who wants to play a game that makes them want to throw up all the time. :eek:

The Old Grove is a really, well, old area of the game world that was prototyped years ago, but never used for content.

Speculation arose back in Early Access as there is a bridge leading down to it similar to the one you repair going towards the Arkovian Foothills.

Apart from not being ideal due to camera angle, that area just didn’t fit the direction the story was heading, so it remains unused.

As to the OP, saying the game was rushed is a pretty ridiculous implication. If you’re expecting some neatly wrapped closure where the world is saved and all the baddies are dealt with, you’re likely to remain disappointed. Grim Dawn is a tale of a world where humanity already lost the “war”, now it’s a matter of picking up the pieces and surviving as best you can.

Cinematics are time-consuming and expensive, not something we can just toss in without great consideration.

I definitely understand how the game would feel unfinished compared to a lot of aaa experiences which are wrapped up in a tight knit package. For a game like Grim Dawn which has longevity from replays I do think the approach used is far better than cutscenes you’ll always skip after seeing the first time (RoI feeling super low here) or super involved story which is also one and done. I don’t expect a happy ending, or really any ending until everyone at crate is super tired of building out the Grim Dawn world.

The only story type thing I wish could (would?) be done is more expansion/upgrading of the Jail at Devil’s Crossing. I loved getting the fabric and seeing the area change slightly. I know something awful happened during AoM, but it would have been cool to send back materials/people to rebuild so over the course of the story more fortifications appeared, or the second floor cleaned up a bit. I know this obviously also costs development and art time so I get why it’s not there, but I thought the original fabric quest actually making a slight change was great and wish there was more like that.

This is definetly something I’d like to see more of as well. Even if it’s just cosmetic and not beneficial to gameplay like in Pillars of Eternity or other games that let you upgrade your “base”. It fit’s Grim Dawn and it’s theme of “picking up the pieces” really well I think.