Better Health Potion

What is this ? It is legit ? And if so ? Where can I buy it ? The one on the left ofc !

Defiantly not legit, so someone but have used a tool for it.

Yeah thought so, but it’s in my normal main story already existing char from before aom. The char i mean.
A dude dropped 1k stack of it. I know the 1k stack size is hacked…but i dont mind…just want more potions lol :slight_smile:

Maybe a hidden shop ? Like the grove one ?

If it’s not there then it’s not legit.
In the future refer to the item database before posting

Then why is the game generating it ? I mean i play main campaign, no modded game. If it’s hacked how can it be in the game ? It has it’s own text, the potion looks the same as a normal one.

It isn’t, it was generated by a player. The game isn’t causing any backlash as it’s highly likely that the upper limit on the heal capacity of these HP potions supports whatever value he gave that potion. I’m by no means an expert on this matter so anyone is free to correct me in the event I said something wrong

The item database contains it, which is why if someone hacks it in, it exists in the game. It cannot drop anywhere.

There are some other health potions too that never drop

So are they made by the devs or modded by players ? That is the question !

If it is in the vanilla DB (these are), the items have been made by the devs

Thank you ! So they are not hacked ? maybe for future content ? or just there for testing ? they dont seem Op at all…just a health potion…has the same cd, yeah the amount is higher, but u still get healed at the same period of time…

It’s an option within the GD Stash Mod. --> Crafting --> Search --> Potion; the one that requires level 24.

Im playing the normal game, not modded, just the main campaign with my char that i have from before aom

As mentioned, the item is in the vanilla DB but cannot drop, so if someone joins in MP and has it he can give you that item, as GD knows of it.

There are other items too (mostly ‘cheat’ items by the devs) which I ignore, so they cannot be crafted with GD Stash, unlike these potions.

Vanilla meaning before AoM right ?

So why not exclude them from the game’s data base if u cannot obtain them only by cheating ? Or why not let them in the game, except the pink one that heals 100% of both, the rest seem that they should be in later acts, the normal one should be in crossing, the second one should be in fort icon, and the 66% one should be in steelcap, the later u are in game, the better the potion, maybe only for ulti ofc.

Or at least if i’m not able to get them, except by cheat, make the game delete them in-game after they are created. Again it’s similar to a hacked item, that sadly, the game let’s me use it. And again, it’s far from OP, but still is a lil better than normal potion, and tbh, they seem normal for ulti diff, they should be in the game, except the pink rejuvination one.

And just out of curiosity, what are other cheat items ? Made by devs ofc !