Bigger screen for Illusion system, better zooming

Hello there! I am amazed of a tremendous work done by your team. Illusions serves not only for player’s aesthetics but to show of work done by the team, which was (I suppose by the amount of content) thouthands of hours. If there would be a possibility to make that window at full screen, it would be a big thanks from me and, perhaps, from others.

This game has a good zoom out while you fight and I like it. But when you want to take a rest and look around, a basic zoom-in could be better in my honest opinion.

Personally, I don’t think that tweaking it can take a lot of effort. But can understand possible concerns about “this game’s models were not intended to look at them so near”, however, for a player it is always a pleasure to look at his beloved game in details.

P.S.: The next step wold be an enemy model’s viewer ingame, because it is not possible to look at them in a battle. And they are beautiful, with a lot of details for a “top-down game”. But I feel that you already sick of hearing about bestiary :sweat_smile:

P.P.S: It makes me happy that you love your work and put so much effort in it, but, anyways, thank you for giving to our world a world of Cairn!

A bigger illusionist window has been requested and rejected here: Illusionist window needs to be bigger

Didn’t find it with a search :dizzy_face:

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