Bind Blind Fury to Savagery or Upheaval

i have a question. If i bind Blind furry on Savagery for example will it procs at the same time as Upheaval?Both are 100% on crit skills.Cause i have tryed it and sometimes procs one of them and sometimes the other.Or i am mistaken maybe?So generally i ask is Blind fury seperate category from WPS(Weapon pool skills).

You’d have to bind Blind Fury to Upheaval to get what you’re looking for. Upheaval only procs on a non-WPS crit and always crits so when it procs, Blind Fury guaranteed procs.

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Well in the this case i will have to wait for Upheaval to do crit damage when it procs so Blind fury can activate.

Upheaval always crits. You can’t have Upheaval proc and not have it be a crit.

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Upheaval always triggers when you crit with basic attack.Then it does its damage to all targets in certain area.And if i bind Blind fury to Upheaval it will trigger when the area dmg from Upheaval crit.Read the description of the Upheavel skill pls :slight_smile:

How about actually trying the skill out in practice :wink:. I didn’t swing 10 Upheaval crits in a row (with no crits from ordinary attacks inbetween) by random chance.

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Well i tryed it.And in my observations when i bind it to Savagery sometimes when i crit it procs Upheaval and sometimes when i crit it procs Blind fury.Thats why i am posting here in hope that Zentai can clear this for me. :slight_smile:

Do you have any other WPS like Feral Hunger? Because it means crits on those will block Upheaval from proccing AND proc Blind Fury in that case which is what you will be seeing, hence what I said above:

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The case of my observations are for when i removed the points from WPS it was only with Savagery and Upheaval.But maybe i am wrong? And another question.If i have Blind fury binded to Savagery and i get proc from Fearal hunger or lets say Zolan’s technique and they do crit damage does Blind fury activates or i must wait for clean Savagery critical.

Try Blind Fury bound to Upheaval anyway. This isn’t a new development, binding 100% crit devotion procs is a tactic used all the way back in vanilla GD so that 2-handed Savagery builds could have 2 devotion procs bound to their main attack basically (e.g. jajaja’s old Ultos build used Atcane Bomb on Savagery and Reckless Tempest on Upheaval for instance).

A WPS doesn’t crit individually on it’s own which I think is where your confusion is coming from - it’s not separately dealt damage.

When a WPS procs, the % weapon damage on it gets multiplied with Savagery’s and the extra damage (like the Bleeding damage on Feral Hunger) gets added on top. Procs like Feral Hunger, Zolhan’s Technique or Upheaval basically amplify your Savagery hits instead of adding an extra hit alongside them.

So it’s still just a case of when Savagery crits (regardless of whether a WPS procs or not), Blind Fury will crit.

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You need bigger sample size perhaps. In my testing binding smth with chance on crit to Upheaval and Savagery gives identical results, at least without Feral Hunger.

If both in practice are identical then Upheaval + Blind Fury should by default be the superior choice as I mentioned because you can bind something to Savagery for another easy proc. Though adding in WPS does complicate things a bit more.

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