Binding Devotions to this?

For lack of active skills, I was looking for a valid binding for a proc I recently acquired, and saw that I was able to bind a damage dealer such as Reckless Tempest to my Inquisitor Seal. With so much going on graphically, it is hard to see when and how this procs, but I am puzzled – since the Seal just sort of sits there, when and how does it or other such valid skill bindings “direct” an active proc towards a valid target? Am I gimping myself with this? Thanks in advance

The seal does AoE Fire damage as well as a knockback (if I’m not mistaken).

Any enemy in that AoE can take the damage and cause the devotion to proc.

As Manic says, the Seal hits enemies within it’s AOE. So any enemies standing on the seal will get hit and have a chance to proc the devotion.

I found the Seal to be quite useful in proccing Blades of Wrath. That devotion also triggers on crit, and with a decent chance to crit (the Seal uses your crit chance), those blades were flying from the Seal regularly.

Some people don’t like the idea of having to wait for enemies to get onto your Seal, or that for a boss fight it becomes difficult for you to use the Seal defensively and offensively at the same time. Personally I like using it that way, and that was for a ranged Tactician.

Only thing that was annoying is that during testing, the dunny NEVER procced a devotion off of the Seal for me. No idea why :rolleyes:. Granted I haven’t played my Tactician in a while so dummy interaction may have changed since then.

Because the Seal counts as pet and does not attack dummies on its own. Use pet attack and it will do.