Black Flame farm


I am still a newbie and wondering where and how should I farm Black Flame set pieces? Is there any chance you can help me guys.


Most sets drop randomly.

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Unless you like pain and frustration, try trading. Or, if you can craft the helmet, craft it 4x and convert it.
Or have it crafted.

Since the set pieces do drop randomly, farming the set would take months/years otherwiese. :wink:

The helmet is craftable so look for the recipe/blueprint for that at the various faction vendors as well.

they can’t sell level 94 legendary blueprints unless its a faction item, which in this case its not.

So it’s just dropped blueprint/recipe then. Good to know.

Does the crucible/shattered realm mode have chance to drop it?

So, how I can convert 4x helmet? Sorry, didn’t know that there is feature like that.

Craft the Black Flame helm and then go the npc that converts an item from a set to another item from the same set.

Iirc, this is FG content, and you need to have a certain reputation with the 3 witch god factions then you get a quest, and AFTER you get acess to the transmute feature.
Wouldn´t want this to be too easy, now would we? ^^