Black Grimoire of Og'Napesh how to get it to drop?

Bought this game resentley and started a summoner but i can’t get Black Grimoire of Og’Napesh to drop, right now im 66 and just farming Depraved Sanctuary on normal difficult.

I don’t find this enjoyable at all.

Maybe you should just farm on elite, higher drop chance.

Also the way this game work, you find the item first, then make the character

I actually got grimoire last weekend :slight_smile: On the other hand, I’ve been looking for Valdun pieces ever since I started playing this game and I still have only found 2 amulets.
You basically just need to keep farming and hope that whatever piece you want will eventually drop.

You maybe want to put this into the trade section next time? :stuck_out_tongue:

Actualy, I`ve one which dropped me in SoT. Used it on my lightning pet warder. Check your pm to contact me via Discord :slight_smile:

The Empowered Black Grimoire is a Blueprint, so you can craft it. It’s a level 75 item. You might want to advance to Elite and hit some Treasure Troves or simply finish the game without it for now. There are other decent Pet Offhands to compensate for.

The normal version of the Black Grimoire will not drop for you anymore. Your level is too high. It’s a level 40 item and you are sitting at level 66. I think the maximum level difference for items to drop is 15 or 20 levels.

Edit: Sorry, I remembered items being bound to player level. But they are bound to Monster level. So you still could find one. Even though, you should go on into Elite and look out for an Empowered version Blueprint. Or trade.

Sorry, but what? I rarely make a character based on items I’ve found. Probably why my collection is so cluttered. :smiley: I make a toon because I want to play that particular build, not because I’ve found x items that would work with it.

Kallekofot, I would move up to Elite and start looking for one there. You may even have an Empowered version drop for you. That won’t happen in Normal, your level is too high.

I found 3 Valduns torso so far, SC and legit. If you want to put your hands onto one, contact me on Discord. Check your pm :slight_smile:
EDIT: And two rifles. (Checked it right now)

With most builds that’s fine. It’s not fine for summoners. Pet builds specifically require certain items to function… At all. Many builds you can just make do, but that’s not really feasible with pet builds.

I played a completely selffound pet shaman, yes, shaman only :slight_smile: to lev65 with 0 deaths until he got ripped by Loxmere, the MURDERER. Its possible to level pet builds right away, a lot easier than other characters (I keep dying on my trickster selffound). Log can be a pain of course. In this case I used Wind devil + mod to reduce resist + highten my defense and the 20% phys resist bonus from the pet buff (yes, must care before buff runs out etc).

Level? Yes. Make it ultimate viable? Not unless you find those items along the way. Try making a self found pet build to ultimate without any of the blues or purples good pet builds use. See how well it goes, farming endlessly for all Taskmaster rates to try and get vaguely close to a good pet build.

Oh, right. To equip there is only ONE way I know that is pretty effective: Crucible challlenger mode with one of those OP characters (soldier inclusive in almost all cases). And if youre fast enough, cruc glad extra spawn. It kills a bit the game for me since I never was a fan of that arena play style. Thats why I farm cruc only from time to time.
To play an undergeared pet master in Ultimate is like trying to headbutt a Leopard 2. Your pets die, you`re slow, you die. YOU DIE :smiley: Also in cruc.

TBH I have Crucible and basically never use it. I DO enjoy wave/survival type stuff… But Crucible is just poorly done IMO. The scenery causes the AI to screw up, making you go into the damage areas to kill monsters, or leaving them trying to shoot you through a wall rather than walk around… It’s so annoying. Also, 4 spawn points? Why? One isn’t enough, for some reason? Had to go all the way to FOUR? Arg. So many annoyances with Crucible. Maybe someone will make a mod with a not-awful map for it, that removes the uneeded scenery, and moves the spawn points together. Seriously, it’s an ARENA. Why would you even HAVE walls in it?