Blacksmith Forge - Production Ratio (v0.8.1)

My question is not really specific to the blacksmith forge, rather to the “Production Ratio” slider in all the resource/production buildings. I can’t determine what it does exactly. At first it seems like it produces x2 or x3 (whatever your slider setting) number of items as compared to any other items the building can produce. But I need to make many times more Tools then swords, and its not exactly producing more tools.

Do production buildings work on each item one at a time? For example, all the works are making Tools. And depending on the Production Ratio, they make that many tools at once? “Tools” require 4 iron and 1 coal. If I set Production Ratio to x4, then I must have 16 iron and 4 coal in storage to produce 4 tools at one time. Is that correct? Or do they just produce 1 Tools but 4 times? Does it take 4 times as long to produce those tools? I guess I want to learn the exact mechanic.

Good point, I’ve just assumed it was similar to percentage production, the ratios cannot exceed 10 in total. Sometimes I just build another Forge and have it produce nothing but tools and the other swords and heavy tools.

The production ratios were the early attempts to manage resource use and product output, but there was no way to stop over-production and waste of resources.

You could have them build more of one item and less of another.

Minimum resources for a single item’s production must be available, or all production will cease.

The ratios can be ignored completely or used in conjunction when using the much more effective and efficient production quotas.

Set your minimums and maximums on items, let the workers meet the quotas, then become laborers if/when the maximums are all filled.

You can still tell them to build equal amounts of each and they will, until the individual part maximum is reached, then that part is no longer in the production chain until it’s minimum is breached.

Or you can increase an individual slider bar, and they will build X number of part each time they build Y numbers of the other pieces, (i.e. - two Tools, one Heavy Tool, one Weapon).

Currently I’ve yet to beleive the ratio slider for the blacksmith has any real measurable outcome unless it’s sliding 1 category to 0. In my testing it appears only so many smiths (2-3) (2 crafting, 1 transporting goods) will produce 1 tool at a time anyway so if. You have a full upgraded blacksmith producing tools and weapons but 0 heavy tools the slider becomes irrelevant. If you are producing all categories the slider is relevant. More testing needs done but in 3 villas so far this is how it’s reaponded

I have been having trouble getting heavy tools produced while there is 1 or more selected of the tools or weapons because what I see happening is a worker goes to get iron and brings it back. It’s a small handful and not enough for heavy tools, so they start making tools. When they run out of iron, he goes to get another hand full, again not enough and it repeats the loop. They don’t make heavy tools unless you turn off the other two. Might need multiple foundries each designated to make just one type of item.

I just want the staff to increase to 6 people