Blackwater Cocktail vs. Thermite Mine

This is for a fire damage based Defiler that is attempting to reduce resistances and also add some damage to the mix. Currently, I use BWC by throwing it into the mob/boss I am fighting and then fighting inside BWC with a DW melee character. I would use Thermite Mine the same way.

If you were wearing Mark of Burning Shadows would you use Thermite Mine or Blackwater Cocktail? Let’s assume Blackwater Cocktail and Agonizing Flames are soft-capped with High Potency selected. Or alternatively Thermite Mine is soft capped. It seems like Thermite Mine normally wins this fight based on overall resistance reduction and decent damage. However, with Mark of Shadows thrown into the mix Blackwater Cocktail becomes pretty formidable. I realize seeing the entire build would be more helpful but I don’t have it in Grim Tools. General thoughts?

Mark of Burning Shadows:

Funny, that’s exactly the build I’m working on.
I would use both ofcourse, since they stack.

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Definitely considering using both but there are trade offs in terms of the points I would need to shift around.

Guessing you are also DW’ing Blazehearts. I have it almost entirely spec’ed out at this point and it is doing well. Definitely takes some time to fine tune.

Haven’t seen your build so idk, in my rough draft it was ok. I’m still in the early phase of levelling though so who knows how the final version would turn out.

No, I’m going to use only one Blazeheart.
I guess I should stop with skimming through people’s posts - I kinda missed that you’re playing melee. I guess that explains your shortage of skillpoints. Mine is going to be a caster with main focus on BWC.

If BWC isn’t my primary source of damage and I can soft-cap both (maybe take points off somewhere), I would use both. Also, that medals seems pretty good for a Defiler build.

Thermite Mine is kind of a must-have for Fire Demo builds.

BWC on the other hand, at least on paper (since I’ve never tried a BWC build before), can definitely help with facetanking especially on melee builds.

I may try using both but going to have to shave some points away from a skill I don’t want to.

The medal is great for a defiler. I use it for the bonus to BWC and also to convert cold to fire for bone harvest. In combination with Blazeheart that makes Bone Harvest and Siphon Souls usable on a fire build. Then it’s a question of maximizing RR for fire across skills and whatever gear you have.

Rule of thumb for fire:

BwC 12-1-max (or 12-0-max if that 1p in Demon Fire makes a difference elsewhere or 12-0-0 if you get flat rr from devotions but usually it’s best to use Agonizing and optimize devotions)

Mines max-1 (or zero if you don’t push demo mastery to th end).

So, use both.

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That makes sense to use both. I will play with it tonight and see what sort of difference it makes. Given that this is a DW melee build I am a little concerned about how much time I am going to be spending keeping both up and still maintaining DPS but will see. Going to be painful to shave some of the points away from other skills that I use but the RR seems like it may be worth it.

11/12 in the base skill is more optimal because of the increased devotion proc chance. Remember that Crate likes to use floor functions when calculating devotion proc chance.