Blade Arc 5 sec CD -> Isn't this too much?

I can’t find a reason to use Blade Arc’s 5sec cooldown modifier. Similar skills are all on around 3 second cooldown. Is this outdated? Anyone using this modifier?

Also, do you think base version (no cd) knockback is necessary? Spamming Blade Arc as a basic attack constantly pushing enemies is a bit clunky imo. (Got a Spellscouge Battlemage build)

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It definitely is very clunky and makes experience with BA worse, imo.
Same goes for Blitz.

Judgment and Blackwater Cocktail also have high cooldowns of 5 seconds and are considered strong spells.

I’m not necessarily saying cooldown Blade Arc is good but judging it solely based on it’s cooldown isn’t the right way to judge it.

Agreed on Blitz.

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Cooldown is for bleed DoT builds like this. Bleed builds hover around 400-500% duration, so cooldown doesn’t matter, but total damage mods and crit damage do. It’s close to the best bleed skill in the game right now.

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On paper, Blade Arc with the transmuter could make for a powerful Physical nuke as well. For example, this Warlord should be able to hit some impressive crits with it though I have never got the greens to test it properly. Someone can probably polish it further as well (like dropping 30-40 Physique points into Cunning for Crucible).

BWC and Judgment are both spells, usually maxed only by casters and they have huge CDR. Actually judgment can be spammed with the -CD modifiers. Blade Arc is melee based attack, usually works well with 2H weapon, which will often lack any CDR.

My experience is that BA is working with transmuter only with Bleeding damage, especially going Savagery Warder. Internal trauma is interesting idea, like your GT. But spam version is definitely better.

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+1 to moving knockback from Blade Arc’s base skill to the transmuter instead.

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Moving the knockback to the Transmuter makes sense to me! +1

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