Blade Spirit transmuter...please!

I’d be extremely pleased if there was a 1 point transmuter that changes Blade Spirits cold damage into vitality. Or an item in the expansion. Pretty please!

You could use this for the time being:

So you could have more synergies with the occulist?

That would make sense, actually. You have triple passive bonuses with Anatomy of Murder+Possession+Solael’s Witchfire, and five different attacks with Sigil+Doom Bolt+Blade Spirit+Wasting+Heart Seeker.

And since nothing in the game is immune to vitality damage as far as I know, that would just make another pretty much OP build.

All chtonian leeches has big vit. resist
Vit. never become op untill we don’t have a profile RR to vit. damage

I know, but the problem is that it is like physical and fire: there are sure some monsters around with high resistances, but if you have plenty of different attacks, you just have to spam them until they die and that’s basically it.

That’s the big difference between high resistance and immunity.

Take Bleeding or Cold for instance, you cannot fully base your build on those attacks because you will end up being stuck or having to run around all undeads/cold ones you will meet. Nobody in his right mind would ever try playing a build exclusively based on one of those damage types.

I don’t say that this is a wrong thing: I am perfectly OK with undead creatures unable to bleed.

But with physical, fire, vitality, and maybe eather and chaos as well, you are more or less confident in dealing with 99% of the game bestiary with no problem. The problem is here I think. In late game, there shouldn’t be any monster without at least 1 immunity I think, and it shouldn’t be possible to go through the whole game with a build based on 1 single attack type. This just kills the game mechanics, and this is why I think that if vitality damage begins to have more varieties in attacks, it will just become another OP feature.