Blade Trap and skills like it

imo Blade Trap should not require a target to be cast if the skill is not on LMB. Bloody Pox is the same way only it cant even be used as LMB skill.

these 2 skills feel very awkward when devouring swarm (a line shooting projectile) can be cast without a target.

id like to see target requirement removed unless it is used as LMB.

Bt hat a cool down. What should happen if you cast it in the air?
If it goes into CD, it’s stupid.
If you can spam it as long as you hit smth, there’s a problem : you could spam a 2nd bt as long as the 1st hasn’t hit anything yet - effectively negating the CD. Stupid too…

blade traps cooldown is irrelevant since its like 1s. it doesnt explain why blood pox also requires a target.

simply put why do these 2 skills require targeting when not on LMB (bloody pox cant even be put on LMB) when many other line projectile skills dont?

cooldown can be added to dreegs evil eye and it still doesnt require a target to be cast. it is very inconsistant.

Thats what I mean. One can shoot more than one projectiler per second.

Ofc, with other skills its even more unlogical.
Storm box for example.
If you were to shoot it in the air, it would damage nothing. So why not?
AHK scripts, or respectively GDautocaster from TQfan can help here though.

i wish i was good at using those auto programs but id much rather crate just remove the target restriction on these 2 skills that probably shouldn’t even be there while not on LMB.

it really just feels so awkward to use either of them while also using devouring swarm or any other skill along side them because of the target non target mismatch.

ill omen used to require a target too, got changed to non restrictive aoe cast

because of that i asked for Pox to get the same QoL treatment during 9.6 test phase
so far nothing

blade trap requiring a target can def be annoying too, but it’s way more niche (imo) since you’re not really using that skill outside rimetongue or such and there is a decent CD anyway, which you wouldn’t really want to waste on an accidental cast

the cooldown on it is irrelevant since it can almost be spam casted. i was using blade trap on my wildblood trickster with conduit of night shadows with blade trap buffs. i had to remove it because of that awkward target requirement with both devouring swarm, and Grasping vines not having such a requirement.

niche or not i dont see a reason why it couldnt get that QoL pass on it. has it really been that long and pox is still the same? it feels like it just a handfull of skills need to be brought up in mechanics to everything else.

it has a base cooldown of 2secs, with 0 items that directly reduce the skill cooldown leaving you around 25% global cdr which brings it down to 1.5sec, by contrast to 0.5sec skills it’s not spam, but more significantly, enemies that are trap resistant requires you to cast blade trap “on point” or you wont debuff them again,
so, having a 1.5sec cd cast potentially wasted on a misfire is not great, regardless how you slice it, hence why it’s not that bad it requires a target, compared to other skills

as for pox, since Ill omen got the QoL treatment, i can’t explain (nor particularly understand) what’s holding it back for Pox, - blade trap i can however see partial reasoning for not adding it at least

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