Blade Trap - No seriously, we need to talk about this

So in a separate thread i randomly used this skill as an example of shit skills and forum member Ceno raised a good point

So i don’t want to derail myCanister Bomb thread due to BT discussion

Blade Trap, when the devs had the idea it was probably good. But practically it is useless since procs, CC effects are enough to deal with trash. Since bosses can’t be trapped at all BT is currently the most useless skill in the game

Aesthetically it looks cool, maybe you guys can still retain the skill in the form of an “On-hit Proc”

But Blade Trap is currently taking up space in Nightblade mastery bar and is hence wasted potential

Now i don’t want skills to be lol’DPS through end-game but i do prefer that most skills are useful against end-game bosses
Blade Trap however is useless against trash mobs

So, what does the playerbase have to say about this? My suggestion is to use that “skill space” to make room for another skill

I’ll be honest… Why is there a entrapment ON Blade Trap? Someone says “Blade Trap”, I don’t think being trapped by blades, I think someone setting up a trap that will cut me with a blade.

Remove the CC, and maybe treat it like a damage skill, and it might sort itself out as a fun secondary damage source. Just my thoughts.


Nice idea, i love traps

That’s a nice idea

Personally, I think that blade trap is the most useless skill in the game right now, it really needs to be reworked. They should remove the trap effect and either make it a good damage dealing skill or transform it in a debuff. Maybe capping the DA reduction at 5% and let the skill work on bosses, I am not sure. Right now I consider it a waste of space in the skill tree to be honest.

I suppose anything that doesn’t work on bosses gets placed in the “shit skill” pile.

In practise it’s not a bad skill. You throw it at a group of enemies and they’re stuck for a few secs before dropping. It still works on champions and dangerous enemies such as Flesh Hulks. It can also get you killed if you decide to use Blade Trap against Shamblers as they will then initiate a mass volley of “rock tosses”. The main issue end game is that you have so many procs going off that skills such as “Flashbang and CoF” which do “no” damage have the same results as Blade Trap.

It’s hit-box is a bit skewed. If there is any texture slightly in the way of the initial blade it will miss completely. You really have to make sure that your line of sight is completely clear. This doesn’t seem to happen with Demo because most of his skills tend to be lobbed.

I feel maybe it should work a bit like OFF and just entrap enemies in a radius around the caster. This would be more useful imo.

No actually considering how we lacks traps

Sheep’s idea actually sounds much better since thematically nightblade should use one trap

Well, actual traps would really be cool. :cool:
But if it doesn’t work on bosses, it is still wasted space in the skill tree for me.

Well, if this skill was actually better at CC it would be another matter. It has that wierd projectile animation to use, which makes slow and annoying to use.

Imho OFF is a good CC skill and I can stand it not working on bosses.

No no

Not entrapment type traps, i mean death traps

Like Mortar trap? Get the picture?

Considering we lack mortar trap like skills, Blade trap that deals Pierce damage and a transmuter converting Pierce to fire would be ideal

Even though i am more of a boss killer guy, i can still vouch for OFF’s trash potential especially when using stuff like AAR

They are meant to be Assassins… Easy way to seem innocent is to kill someone when you aren’t even there, right? Then nobody knows you’re an assassin and it makes your job easier.

Think less “I’m trapped” and more Indiana Jones style “Crap I set off a trap by stepping in the wrong place”

Blade trap wouldnt be so useless, if it didnt cost 12 points to gain decent effects. As the skill stands right now. Its only working skill niche is with retalation builds. I wish the skill point investment was lower for the health regen effect as it would give more synergy with builds utilizing health regen.

Mobile damage hot-spot area? Locks to the target, dealing damage to them and all enemies in proximity to the target.

Oh God i really want to see The Last Crusade right now

Apparently the Dying God is easily influenced by Sheep. Noted.

My pet peeve with Blade Trap (and most CC skills) is not that they don’t work on bosses. No, I expect that. It"s that due to the probably unsolvable spawn bug I can’t really CC when I want to.

You’ve all seen it, whenever a crowd rises from the ground and you Blade Trap them, they just keep coming, just now wearing the Blade Trap as a skirt. You can wait until they all come out fully for the trap to stick, but what’s the point? You want to aim the darn thing before the screen gets full and the chargers close in, blocking the aim to the pack.

I like the concept of the skill but it’s clunky to use. I take it when I’m doing a disposable “Let’s see how far we can get” crazy character.

Yes, i understood that you meant damage dealing traps in the previous post. They should at least buff significantly the damage (and maybe remove da reduction to keep it balanced). That way we could at least get a good aoe skill to deal with trash mobs, although this is probably different from what you have in mind.

Yeah the amount of skills invested is too high as well

I just want another trap skill

Trap based Saboteur
Sounds awesome to me, considering we already lack trap based skills and the BT slot is practically useless in most (close to all) cases they have a nice opportunity to add a trap skill imo

Although i am also interested in what you guys have to say, considering we all know OFF doesn’t work on bosses and yet a considerable portion uses OFF. But not many use Blade Trap

The only place it’s useful imo is against Mogdrogen where you can use the ADCtH value on traps to leech off his pets

It could be made into a Trap that THROWS Blades, making it an AOE thing. “An idle step on this trap will fling piercing blades throughout an area, shredding foes”

Sounds nice and i am really behind this idea since i noticed Trap builds being the most neglected ones in terms of support

We don’t have a dedicated trap build set

A trap based Sabo sounds awesome to me

I know it’s major PITA for the devs, but it’s better to address this now than leave a skill almost useless and as an added bonus you get in more diversity for trap builds (if that is what you plan to do that is, hopefully)

The Blade Trap is not supposed to be an AOE damage skill. The Nightblade is supposed to be some assassin, not a demo or an arcanist.

The main point of the Death Trap how I see it is to block and reduce defense. It is more a mix of crowd control and debuff than another AOE attack.

If you want AOE piercing abilities with the Nightblade, you have the ring of steel and the blade spirit.

The problem now as far as I have tested it is that the defense reduction makes very little difference in the number of additional critical hits that you can get out of it. I won’t be lying: with or without it is basically the same at the end. But most of my builds involving the NB have always ended up being failures so maybe it is just me. And this coupled with the low duration and low cooldown and necessity to max both the primary ability and its upgrade to begin to get real results makes it a very weird ability to use. You have to spam it on and on and you don’t really know why even after hours playing it.

I think that the developers are aware that there is a problem with this skill since it had enjoyed bonuses over the patches. If I remember well, the BT was a single target attack years ago. My understanding is that this skill is supposed to boost the next attacks with shadow strike or phantasmal blades or something a bit the same way the curse of frailty is good to cast first before attacking with the occultist.

I don’t know how that skill could be fixed. The thing is that its blocking effect is no stun, freeze etc, and that basically no (normal) monster in the game can really resist it as far as I remember. I guess that this is what makes it unique somehow. My problem is just that whatever build I am going, I will very likely always have better to do with 24 skill points than using them to max BT.