Bladedancer talisman blueprint

I can’t find the bladedancer talisman blueprint on any of the listed venders?? Where else can I look. Am at level 65. Thx

AFAIK, a “Bladedancer Talisman” doesn’t exist in GD - at least not in an unmodded game.

Do you mean “Bladesworn Talisman”?

If you’re looking for an item, you can always check it in the grimtools database. If the item is available from vendors or drops from sepcific monsters, you will find the info there. If the db entry doesn’t say anything, the item is a random drop you could get practically everywhere.

No, it’s the blueprint for the bladedancer talisman:
sorry should have added it’s a blueprint

Vendor inventories are randomized each session. Run the dungeons a few times more, eventually the blueprint will be available.

Sorry, my bad. :confused:

Or try Hiram - he’s that guy in the Steelcap district. Unlike the dungeon vendors, he is easily accessible.