Blademaster dual wield

Hello fellow blademasters!
I was wondering about what you are using on your left mouse button? I was thinking about cadence in the soldier tree, but I have seen many reports that every third cadence hit will make the dual wield skills not proc. Is this correct?

As of now I am only using auto attack and i’m level 20. Any tips would be great!

I am fairly new to this game (so I can also take feedback), but I use ground slam as it uses the 2 weapons to hit (
with Belgothian’s shears and whirling death procing it does nice damage

Cadence will override the DW Procs, so every 3rd hit you cannot proc a DW Skill. Auto Attack replacers you can use as a blademaster are Troll’s Rage & Beronath’s Fury

You can still use Cadence if you don’t mind only 66% of your attacks being capable of procing the DW Procs.

Also Firestrike in Demolitionist Works and so does Savagery in Shaman (But obviously you cant use those as a blademaster)

Any skill with a cooldown that can go on LMB will allow you to proc Dualwield procs when the skill is on cooldown. But the skill will override the Procs when it is ready to be used.

remember to get Beronath’s Fury you need an ultra rare, sometimes only drops from Nemesis blueprint :frowning:

I am using this ability, but not on my left mouse click. This skill has a 3,5 (correct me if i’m wrong) second cooldown, so that would not work for me. But it is a very good skill indeed!

Thanks alot for clearing up things, and for great tips! Appreciated! :slight_smile:

Cool. I like farming for rare stuff. Feels so much better when you actually get it. :smiley: