Blademaster or Spellbreaker

I just wanted to try a melee DW build. But I can’t decide myself between a spellbreaker or a blademaster.

I’m looking for feedbacks in order to know which one offers the best survivability for a self-found gear run.

Thank you!

Saboteur or Witchhunter if you dont have the gear

Agree with the above

Best survivability goes to blademaster between that and breaker. Maiven’s is nice, but can be more or less counter acted by raw hp gains from soldier side depending how much physique you go. Outside of that all it offers you defensively is mirror/nullifcation, both are great for sure but blade barrier is acceptable invuln spell as long as you use it smartly so you don’t lose thatttt much. Soldier offers huge boost to health/phys (DA) on top of offering more health/phys from mastery bar, ton of free bleed/stun/freeze res, war cry dmg reduction+interrupt if needed, and huge boost to armor/armor absorb

This peak my curiosity. Especially for the saboter, I don’t see how it could be more effective at low gear than a blademaster or a spellbreaker (especially in term of survivability).

For the Witch Hunter, it seems more obvious indeed. But I heard the items for a DW oriented one are really hard to find and it still have a high gear requirement.

What makes you think sabo wouldn’t be more effective? Honestly by the time I tried spellbreaker I had a ton of great gear so I won’t comment on that, but blademasters are quite weak without items.

Demo offers no healing, but it does offer strong defensive abilities. Blackwater + 1st mod = hugely reduced physical damage, blastshield at high levels makes you practically invincible, flash bang offers a lot for offense and defense, plus you get some cute knockdown static strike/ulzuin’s wrath which doesn’t do a ton but it is less damage taken especially when you can knock down heroes

For going dual wield, both are rather iffy at best for self found first ultimate class.

My version of the spellbreaker, Super CDR Shadow Strike, works rather well off of vender gear though, via using an off-hand book and capping out my CDR to almost use Shadow Strike as my basic attack. I first time ultimate’d with that guy 100% using him to find gear, and have cleared 100% of the content on ultimate difficulty with it, and in no way needs you to go and get all this top legendary gear to even consider being effective. The build itself should be floating around on the first or second page of the forum, Shadow’s Chill. It does require a bit of skillful play with the use of your cooldowns, as you have low innate durability, but between your ability to avoid almost everything with Shadow Strike, which is up near 100% of the time, solid kiting for tough fights with Blade Spirit proccing Leviathan or Elemental Storm while each time you Shadow Strike you let out a little Elemental Seeker, you can easily kite around for a few seconds when Mirror is off cooldown, go ham with mirror up, and fall back for mirror to come back off CD in as little as 8 seconds with perfect gear.

Well, I was wrong about the saboter, I’ve spoken too fast. I’ve looked closer around it and yea, seems pretty sweet for what I’m looking for. Thank for the advices :wink: .