Blademaster Suggestion

I’ve been playing the blademaster since 1st time i found this game. It’s been my favorite class in game and still is. But it’s kinda left behind in some ways.

BM is mainly, with my build, and i think with most builds, a single-target damage class. There are very few skills that cover more enemies and those not enough. And that is what it’s mainly missing overall.

My ideeas are the following:

  1. Double the range radius for Blind Fury, Ring of Steel & Blade Trap/Devouring Blades

  2. Double the range radius for Blade Spirit’s abilities : Whirling Blades and Blade Eruption

  3. Double the Meter Target Area for AmaRasta’s (“I’m a Rasta”) Blade Burst & Counter Strike

  4. Double the range of Viel of Shadow & War Cry

  5. Double the Degree Attack Arc for Belgothian’s Shears & Zolhan’s Techique & Blade Arc

  6. Add a 360 Degree Attack Arc to Markovian’s Advantage

  7. Double the Maximum Targets for Fighting Form

  8. Add 25, not 16, projectiles to lvl 20/20 Blades of Wrath devo skill.

No increased dmg or any other bonus, just the range at with the BM acts should be increased to compete with other classes at hoard kills.

I can already hear JoV sobbing uncontrollably somewhere in Serbia.

Softcapped War Cry is 16m radius - double it? Seriously? You want to taunt an entire act?

Nothing wrong with RoS, VoS or ABB target radius either imo. a BM is primarily a melee class, so target area doesn’t really need to be huge. War Cry draws the mobs in to you allowing your skills to do their work.

If you double the range of everything, you may as well pick ranged weapons.

Yes and let’s not forget 360 degrees to Execution+ 20 maximum targets and 11m radius

You forgot to mention that Whirling Death should hit everything in the same map cell as you.

Also add 25 projectiles to Forcewave and add aftershock effect so that 16 small projectiles erupted from every affected target. Also increase the range to 9000 because not being able to wipe Malmouth clean from Devil’s Crossing is just not fair.

Shadow Strike should tear open a rift that allows us to travel to Lokarr’s Treasure Chamber

War cry could use 20meter at maximum level.

And if for you 2 tomatos in comparison to 1 tomato, are in fact 200 tomatos…than go on a diet…

What i said were decent far from OP changes, but just cause u dont like blademaster, or u dont like me, doesnt mean what i said is as OP as u make it sound.
It would just make blademaster compete with most classes.

JoV sobbing continually

I forgot to add: Blade Spirit, -o.5 sec CD 3x radius with 50% weapon dmg and 50% attack dmg converted to health.

Yes we hate blade BM’s, that is why players like JoV, others or myself have been rooting for underpowered BM’s for ages now.

The only thing that’s more or less relevant here is that I don’t like you.

Discussing anything with you is pointless - you just ignore arguments that do not support your ideas. That’s why the only response you get is the well deserved trolling.

But how you cold forgot this:

Bladetrap - trap everyone in 16m radius for 30s, lowering DA to -90%

Blade barrier - 100% damage absorption, 1000% damage reflected, last 10 seconds, recharge 2 seconds, 300% to move speed

300% movement speed while being immobilized? Value!

Throw this in there and I’m sold on these suggestions:

12/12 16m radius literally taunts the entire viewable screen at 1920x1080, what could possibly make it worthwhile taunting offscreen mobs? Might as well request War Cry taunting all mobs from Titan Quest as well.

There are those people in the world that dont like and/or react good to change around them. Those are the people who cant move on from their current status. In existence…everything is possible…sadly.

Lol so edgy.

As long as you can’t explain properly why Blind Fury and others deserve to be twice the AOE of Callidor’s Tempest and Fighting Form deserves extra targets while Savagery has none you’re just bitching that your build doesn’t faceroll content so you can’t brag about it.

I explained why, but as usual u dont read. Blademaster has a very slow kill rate in comparison to a lot of classes. BM has no hoard killing skill. It just has skills for enemies that are right besides u.

The motive is the range at which bm does dmg as a melee build in comparison to other melee builds/classes.

In comparison to which exactly melee builds/classes?

By BM he probably means his own pierce Belgothian BM. I agree that particular setup feels underwhelming, however BM itself is not. It’s more of a pierce problem than BM’s.