Hello Guys, i’m want to make a blademaster , with swords only with a lot of offensive and attack speed. What you think guys? is this going to work ?

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Yes, Cadence blademaster is very versatile and powerful choice; however, its leveling is kinda hard if it’s your first build so far.
Are you sure you want this particular kind of build?

Your posted build has no gear, which is a huge chunk of what makes a build work/not work. I suggest putting together a build including gear before you start so you know what you’re looking for.

Well, dw blademaster is rather demanding on gear. Definitely not the best choice if you don’t have any high level gear stashed. But there is a shield version of it which is much more forgiving and still has good damage.

If you need build ideas for a blademaster than perhaps visiting the build compendium may set you in the right direction.

Link here: