Bladetrap -DA work on boss?

can any1 confirm/deny? ive heard multiple answers

I am pretty sure that the Offensive Ability pop up in the char screen with the chance to crit/hit updates dynamically based on enemy DA.

For example, my pyro has 16.5% chance to crit the targetting dummy according to it. If I flashbang it, and attack it again, it lists my chance to crit it as 22%.

So you could repeat the same test with bladetrap and boss?

I also would like to know this. I would guess no since it would probably work like OFF, If the enemy is not affected by the freeze/trap part the they aren’t affected by the rest, but I could be wrong. I hope I’m wrong :slight_smile:

Yes, but also no. The -DA is tied to the Blade Trap debuff, which most bosses are immune to due to their immunity to immobilization. For 99.9% of bosses, this means they are 100% unaffected by the DA debuff.

Download Cornucopia where we fix this issue. :stuck_out_tongue: