Blank 85?

I see links to blank 75s, was just wondering if there was a reason no one ever posted a blank 85?

What about this thread titled [Tool] Blank level 85 characters which not surprisingly has, as it says, the blank level 85 chars, that no-one posts :wink:

Look for my posts near the end as I’ve re-uploaded the original chars with fresh working links.

Hope this helps :smiley:

Ahh thanks, I must have been lazy and didnt read through it all the way.

Doesnt matter, I cant seem to make the level 75 I found work, hah!

Back in the old days on win8.1 the save path seemed straight forward. On win10, I cant seem to place the folder and make the char load.

Thanks tho!

No worries, regards the save paths, please see my thread here with both local and steam save locations.

Hope this helps :smiley: