Blast Shield

800 Damage Absorption
55% Chance to Avoid Projectiles
75% Pierce Resistance
75% Fire Resistance
75% Lightning Resistance
+5% Maximum All Resistances
230 Fire Retaliation

1750 Damage Absorption
%75 Chance to Avoid Projectiles
125% Pierce Resistance
125% Fire Resistance
125% Lightning Resistance
+8% Maximum All Resistances
515 Fire Retaliation

Having in mind that Demolitionist doesnt have exclusive skills :furious: it wouldnt hurt if some of the passive skills get some buffs. Blast Shiled imo would need the following :

-Reduce activation to 50% health from current 60%
-Increase Dmg Absorp from 1000 at 12/12 and to 2000 at 22/12.
-Increase Retal to 500 at 12/12 and to 1000 at 22/12.
-Chance to avoid melee attack aslo in the same amount as projectiles
-Change fire and light res to elem res
-Change fire retal to elem retal

nice thread.

a discussion of my favorite defensive skill.

-Reduce activation to 50% health from current 60%

  • correct me if I am wrong but it used to be 50 or was it 40%?. i don’t think this is happening again.

Regarding your other suggestions I think Crate is sticking to the lore behind the skill hence sticking to fire makes sense. Though if you ask me, it would certainly help if other resistances are involved. Personally I have not encountered any build that had ultimate max ranked BS so I can’t comment on how good 22/12 BS is. For me I’d usually just stick with 14.

However I would certainly welcome more item mods to blast shield. We already have increase armor, increase duration etc. How bout adding attack speed ( or total speed) too when BS is activated or increase regen. Or if Crate is feeling generous they can update BS with these suggestions without any item mods and am happy! :rolleyes:

I don’t mind these suggestions I recall making some thread rating Demo below all other masteries in terms of end game defenses

I just however would point out that if BS allowed you high Dodge chance like you propose it’d trivialize a lot of the content. Slight buffs to the values shouldn’t hurt.

It’d make TD builds even more broken. Slightly buffing BS is what I am in favor of

These won’t happen as BS used to be very powerful and they systematically nerfed it.

It used to have 11 sec CD and activated at 70% health or more which was better. 50% is a really bad idea sorry. I personally hated the 60% health change. 10 skill points investment meant as much as 15-16 investment today so again, tough chance they will roll back to more absorb