Blaster Master Zero

In beginning of 199x i played Blaster Master on Dendy/NES (and Chou-Wakusei Senki Metafight too!) and i liked the game very much. Now i have ability to play Blaster Master Zero for Nintendo 3DS, but instead i use Citra Emulator to play the game (game runs almost perfect). Really great game if you ask me, it’s far more easier than original but it’s not bad in this case. I can recommend this one to fans of original game and fans of metroidvania style of games.

This video shows how game is looking like on Citra:

its also for the nintendo switch :stuck_out_tongue:

Misread the title: Blade Master Zero - and expected a build guide. :slight_smile:

Yeah and Switch version is running @ 60FPS vs 3DS’s 30 FPS. But for me second variant is free - emulator + rom :wink: Honestly - if i had 3DS i buy BM:Z for sure.